One response to “The spectre of socialism

  1. Ever been to Mexico? Nice place. Sunny. Rank poverty. Children bought and sold like animals. Women raped and beaten to death for the porn industry. Open sewers. People living on garbage dumps. Little kids working half the day to help their families. A standing joke in Mexico is, if you can afford an outhouse in the backyard, you know moved into the middle class, ‘mano

    In 1910, Mexico was head and shoulders over the US in lifestyle, pay, modernizing. the peso was valued at $1.86 USD and gold sold for 28 bucks an ounce.Shortly after Edison showed the world how to light a street at night–one street–Mexico had cities burning at night. Arts were lauded, and artists made a good living. Writers, movie producers. Better paid than the folks on Tinpan Alley and better paid for their efforts. Plenty of food, plenty of work. Americans flooded the nation seeking better jobs and found them and were welcome.

    Then the socialists took over. In 1912, they bombed out the free nation of the Yoeme, the Yaqui. Women and kids went to whorehouses, the men worked to death in fields and factories. In the 1920s, they were hanging curanderos, Catholic priests and monks, raping nuns and murdering anyone just for having a religion not approved of by the bigots. More than 20,000 died in a bloodbath.

    In the 30s, the peso devalued to 4,000-one USD. In 1944, the PRI took in a lot of gold from nazis fleeing the Allies.The PAN struggled to help people without shaming them, or worse, making them like our socialistic society. The election was lost because the PRI got a lot of help from the DNC. People are up in arms, literally, killing drug lords’ soldiers, their private armies, and using them against the police. Police who have no qualms of stealing small children and women to sell to pedophiles and snuff film makers. All this, from a nation that was once brighter and more beautiful than America. They had more freedom and still have the natural and business resources to be top, and socialists wrecked it all again. And again. Anything for for power and greed. Get rid of the neolibs. They’re too close to Hitler’s warped creepiness. Get rid of the houseboys of all races. Yes, the white ones who Hitler wanted sterilized, like southern and eastern Europeans and the Irish. Let’s make America great again. Niio.

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