Not so PC after all

You found your spine!

Relieved to see someone doesn’t give a fuck anymore about the PC Thought Police. Even the degenerates are opposing it, I knew he’d start defending our cultural properties, they fucked up his Shakespeare production with that dull fugly woman*. I didn’t go see it. Others I knew who also wanted to go (when just his casting was announced, they had notable trouble finding main lead) then changed their mind when it was clear it became “one of those”, lying about the race of Cleopatra, blood Greek. The Prince of Persia girl from Bond would’ve been perfect.

Instead they cast old, fugly and dull.

Ralph Fiennes cares about two things: sex and Shakespeare.

You interfere with one, he’ll come for you.

He may take his sweet time but he’s a vengeful bastard.

He might wait years, but he’ll get you back. In this case, two, two years. From casting issues.

*She confuses loud with charisma and looks like an alien born with mental problems, totally gormless mouth-sagging is not attractive. If Cleo looked like that thing she’d have been drowned at birth, a tradition they continue in superior Asian culture to this day.

You want stories for your demographic? Write them your bloody self.

If you have to steal the white stories, it suggests you can’t write them yourself.

Doctor Who didn’t matter because 1. it’s shit, 2. it’s a kid’s show and 3 literally about an alien.

An end to cultural welfarism.

A female spy film has been done to death, people don’t care. It’s cancelled.

Naturally, he’s speaking largely from self-interest, since it’s apparent white men are missing out on roles.

Still. Progress. Where are the rest?

America has aristocrats.

Usually it’s so inane this one’s surprising. Maybe the UN released his balls from their vise.

Credit: Stop being a pleb

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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