The wall scrawl said it all

This again?

Even DNA evidence won’t convince some people if there’s a Jew involved. Apparently, DNA tests only count when conducted by Jewish for-profit companies that steal your relative’s data and give you some BS chart about your ancestors, like you can check. Don’t look into the various twins given wildly different results.

Don’t look into how the guy perfectly fits the FBI profile of a serial killer, just keep repeating something you read from a comic. Johnny Depp’s From Hell character actually thought it was this guy.

Don’t look into the Kosher method of the actual kills.

Don’t look into the Angel of Death origin and known serial killer type.

Don’t look into the timings of the killings and how it had to have been a poor local to get home in time.

“Finally, there is the obvious connection with the piece of apron and the graffito found in Goulston Street, essentially the only real clues definitely tied to the case. The killer’s presumed escape route after the Eddowes’s murder in the early morning hours of 30 September 1888 would have been along the dark back streets, probably down Stoney Lane and Goulston Street via either Wentworth Street or New Goulston Street. This would have allowed Kozminski, if he was indeed the killer, to slip into his residence after quickly wiping his hands clean on the apron.”

Don’t look into the knives used and how they weren’t surgical but butchery.

Don’t think how surgeons don’t wear aprons.

Don’t consider that all such violent crimes are perpetrated by misogynists and rank them by it.

Don’t look into the fact the killings stopped when he was thrown into an asylum and kept there for little reason.

Don’t look into the fact his lot had only just moved in.

Don’t look up blood libel. They were kicked around for no apparent reason because people didn’t like their beards.

Sure, they’ve been kicked out by black people too and Amazonian tribes in forests but…. it’s never them.

This DNA result is a coincidence.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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