Gun-grab the NZ bunker riche

Obvious tactic, isn’t it?


“Mr. Cahill said it normally would have taken longer, with team members summoned to a police station to suit up. On Friday, though, they happened to be in a training session in the city center and wearing their gear, he said.”

They happened to be, by complete coincidence.

Good luck defending your bunker with a butter knife, Musk.

Singapore next? Dyson’s smug deserves a kicking.

Why you need guns? Police have guns. Why you need to oppose government?

If holding weapons makes one violent, Israel must be the most warmongering nation go- oh.

It’s a miracle, we’re expected to believe there was gunfire and no smoke!

Did the smoke alarms happen to be on break that day?

What paint did they use on the white walls to make them blood proof?

How did he find the time and muscle mass to pile them up… before entering the room?

Why didn’t a single dead body twitch? Did he remove their nervous system off-camera?

Not one Lazarus effect

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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