Link: The price of believing lies

A few points:

The person listening can’t tell a convincing lie from the truth, most things are not mathematical.

Children listening to their parents should be, it isn’t their fault their parents fail them.

Instead pay out welfare based on IQ result. Higher, more money.

Keynes did it on purpose, he was gay and wanted to spite the world (no children to suffer).

You’d have more readers with a reblog option.

Well, people have no savings, no family, no spouse to rely on, no religion, no patriotism.

We’ll be fine!

No ability to sew clothes, grow food (throw seeds in soil ain’t it) nor teach the classics.

Real classics, not To Kill A Mockingbird. 

Many work for a pension they cannot get.

Global debt CANNOT be paid – and global debt / global population = debt per person.

They can’t ever earn that much.

National IQ has dropped across the board. A lot of stupids are gonna die, taking probably most of the morally weak but clever with them. Thankfully, this is in pop density regions – MENA, China/India, South America. Also high pathogen risk. Disease will spread in weakened host bodies.

Everyone should be imitating Europe and gently settling back to a pre-WW population level.

You know, one they can feed.

Natural law = mob justice, no appeal, death penalty, tribalism, natural selection.

K-shift is the return to it.

Standard of living is too high to marry/breed, commitments are easily broken without social shame, most divorces are re-marriages that shouldn’t have happened, the socialists hate the host limiting its intake to starve off the leech because they need eternal pop growth. You can’t promise funny figures of baby debt from a population working that doesn’t exist.

Bruce Charlton’s gone into some of this data from a traditional but statistical view.

Free but intriguing:

“How to judge people…” needs expansion.

also related:

Europe was historically successful because as a race, we were sustainable.

Reliant ONLY on one another, NOT outsiders.

Machines have replaced the need for low IQ immigrant labour, which 9/10 it is.

1/10 the West doesn’t want to train its own people.

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