I did warn the Patreon whores

I gave them years of warning. It was like watching a slow car crash.

Eventually, they had to learn the hard way.

Do not rely on Lefty platforms to pay your food bill.

This is why I take no money from anyone. I can tell literally any single one of you to FO.

Opinions aren’t worth much anyway. I only get annoyed when I answer a common complaint with research only to be ignored by people who like complaining.

e.g. Q: Where did PC come from? What is it?

A: Read Thought Prison.

Q: Why are lefties immune to reason?

A: Read The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics.

Q: Where are the smart people? How does dysgenic social policy affect extreme intelligence?

A: Read Genius Famine.

Look at neurogenetics and behavioural genetics, as well as for cross-cultural genes studies. Different races, different norms (Keyword: individualism/collectivism).

Q: Why did the Nuclear Family make the West strong?

A: Compared to? Compared to extended family it’s weaker. Compared to fuck-all, it’s stronger. Reputation of individuals and family honour in small, strong social groups is important. If somebody rich and eccentric could upload a torrent of The Explanation of Ideology: Family Structure and Social Systems, the world would thank you. I can’t fit every answer into a tweet.

Q: Explain some principles of this “white genocide”.

A: Read Whiteness: The Original Sin. I’ve been suggesting the titular concept for yonks.

Q: Why are the intellectual, artistic outcomes of white people different from other races?

A: A Troublesome Inheritance suggests a combination of intelligence, grit and creativity from surviving the Ice Age. There’s other stuff too.

Look into HBD generally, the human biodiversity of genetic diaspora and intergenerational findings in particular (class/SES regresses to the mean of the family bloodline). Galton wrote often on intelligence, he was well-qualified as a polymath and one of the greatest minds of all time. He invented bell curves and tests the people who hate him still use to this day in social sciences. The sociologist’s fallacy is being eroded every year by new genetic (and epigenetic) findings.

Q: Do-gooders hate us and their projects don’t work, also, why do people stay with abusers?

A: Pathological Altruism by Oakley. You could beat a man to death with this book. Heavy knowledge.

Q: Why is overpopulation of the non-European nations our problem?

A: Malthusian trap snaps on the globe and provokes conflict, pandemic, food shortage, hyperinflation.

Q: Why do women fancy men anyway? If it isn’t about money or muscles?

A: Read The Mating Mind.

Q: Why is monogamy better for both sexes in evolution?

A: Survival and health outcomes, all offshoots of Trivers Parental Investment Theory.

Humans evolved to become monogamous, like apes and chimps (close to us neurologically, not bonobos), the children of the promiscuous lost out competitively.

Because evolution is a genetic competition. There has to be a loser strategy.

In ancient times, they had no forums to curl up into a fetal position and cry like a bitch.

The promiscuous male (if reproductive, deadbeat) has a loser strategy (e.g. more masculine daughters from abandonment and more effete sons likelier to be gay*) because he cannot obtain a permanent mate (usually due to inability to emotionally pair bond) or loses out status to fund better quality children to couples higher in the sociosexual hierarchy (especially the alpha breeding pair). There are no lone alphas unless you count the amoeba. They can go fuck themselves.

*No coincidence the degeneracy of the Sexual Revolution generation has produced increasingly degenerate offspring, literally, as in the process of degeneration. With no world wars to cull them and dysgenic couples financially supported by their productive betters as dependents themselves, the ratios are off. At this point in socialist time, 3rd stage of 4, young nubile couples are delaying childrearing to pay for a parasitic elderly entitled class on ageist welfare (pensions) with no military service duties (as in Early Rome). It’s madness. Old people had decades to save if they wanted to retire. If young people aren’t supported in setting up stable marriages and families, society dies. Literally. Aging population = Dying population.

This is blatantly obvious if you just look around.

They “wonder” things to feel smart and you literally answer their question completely, e.g. read THAT.

Then, naturally, they don’t.

And ask the same thing for five years online, only to wonder why people are switching off them.

Why ask if you don’t really care?

Or they expect the answers to be nice, simple and EASY.

To which I say:

2 responses to “I did warn the Patreon whores

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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