They’re scared

A white woman in a dress talking logically? Holy shit, shut it down.

She’d get better outcomes out of a video lecturing men on how they should pretend to have periods, or else be sexist. Has she tried being more left wing? Have you tried posting some degenerate bits flapping in the wind at a ‘march’ in public?

Christ, don’t use LOGIC, that’s sexist! …. Wait a second….

See, they want her to keep posting there and feeding into their system.

They’re scared women will agree with her.

If they blocked her, they’d lose out on the “recommended” list that pushes viewers to less wrong think and crimestop and more thought-terminating cliches and feeeeeeeeeelz.

She’s jumping through the hoop but now it’s on fire. Stop censoring, the nature of the channel forbids it and detach the money bag from the loudspeaker. What gets views? Brutal honesty or their algorithm. The latter hates you, push the former.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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