The invention of white ‘extremism’

Tyler brings us this. Good old Tyler. Praise be Tyler.
Literally opinions.

Like, wanting to live in peace like a libertarian among genetic kin with freedom of association on the homeland you have a legal birthright to.

Not going along with your own genocide. This is just gaslighting whites, why so one-sided? [read: invalid] Can’t the mentioned Jews, which are supposedly non-white, be guilty of ‘extremism’ by abusing whites?

Gaslighting racial natives is mental harm, a form of genocide.

Section b

But this is for the army. So dying for your country is fine but being a patriot is bad?

Literally how?

Reach out to the Army on twitter for their stance on patriotism.

Notice no actual name signs this shit? They don’t want to be held responsible, but legally, they will be.

Email them to remind them of this, oy vey? Production of publicly distributed propaganda is incitement.

What are you ashamed of? What are you afraid of?

Why not put their address? A return address is normal on flyers. Don’t they feel safe in a multicultural utopia?

And they’re actually implying genocide is a social good when their whole tax paid purpose (army) is protection of those people, the natives of Britain.

You are the servants. The People make the rules.

People is singular, only one group has a birthright.

I’d ask the Army officially if this propaganda represents them, officially.

If so or if not, who is directly responsible for it? Freedom of Information for the network involved.

Because only arresting brown faces was starting to look bad.

Panic that the guilt trips don’t work anymore.

And treason is still the worst crime, especially for the military.

“Claim that it is acceptable to abuse Jews or Muslims as Judaism or Islam are not ‘races'”

We’re all equal to criticize, aren’t we? And religion is not a race, duh.

Disagreement is not abuse.

You choose your religion. You also choose to interpret it as something that allows you to murder and rape children and women.

They forgot, they also send an evil ancient frog spirit to haunt anyone darker than ‘tan’.

It’s okay to be white, especially protecting a white nation. Isn’t Israel’s military white?

Does the army represent white natives or not? Do they have a duty to protect (not judge) those white natives? Official comment?

Is this part of the official programme paid for by taxpayers or not?

At least during a famine, the fictional No-Go zones will be easy to cordon off and allow to starve, medieval siege style. Vlad the Impaler, hallowed be thy ways.

People just need cultural alternatives to the multicultural shit. Something that isn’t focused on it either, off doing its own thing. Cooking, art, whatever.

If you build it, they will come.

Especially since it’ll work 100000x better for not being bogged down in SJW censorship.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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