London is a bloody colony
Literally. And we all know who started the London colony – clue: legally distinct city. The people allowed in by Cromwell after ruining our economy once and now they made a statue of him outside Parliament.

Late Middle English (denoting a settlement formed mainly of retired soldiers, acting as a garrison in newly conquered territory in the Roman Empire): from Latin colonia ‘settlement, farm’, from colonus ‘settler, farmer’, from colere ‘cultivate’.

It is not a capital city, it is a colony of London.

One thing I don’t get – why speak the racist language?
The English language would, by transitive property, be the language of brown enslavement.

And acting like since borders aren’t properly enforced, it’s okay because legal? Like, it isn’t a genocidal incursion on the natives because the EU (undemocratic FOREIGN rulers) say it’s kosher?

Immvasion’s old term was colonialisation. A process of moving to a place despite native wishes and capacity to accommodate and oppressing the native’s wishes. Multiculturalism always existed, it’s the new PC term for colonialism.

You can only be a second-class citizen if you are colonized.

Libertarian so-called hebephiles try to argue that the legal is the limit of the moral all the time, it’s wrong.

The genocidal invaders will be legally tried at some point for their part in it. That’s why they screech at any little thing, they feel it coming. The focus on human rights has become criminal rights to cover their own arse, like Blair trying to revoke treason. Odious debt include laws made to oppress the natural rights of natives in their homeland. Those have never been valid, especially at the inferior level of statute, and can therefore be ruled null and void.

Love dat English Common Law.

It’s like how pedo teachers say they aren’t deliberately grooming children as a personal choice on teaching sexual pleasure classes, they’re just following “the law.”

‘They’re just following orders’ flies so well in court.

Actually, why do public sector workers think a union is legal?

Holding the taxpayer public to ransom is domestic terrorism.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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