Celebrate your replacement


I wish bitchute allowed embeds.

And different play speeds.

And right-click URL saves.

Ah well.

Can’t help but notice the Purge didn’t touch shills like Stefan.

He still putting white men against white women? Huh.

His friends still multicultural cunts? Huh.

He constantly complain about demographics and offer no real solutions but the same circlejerk for literally YEARS now? How many years can he pull the same 5 topic videos up before his fanboys notice?

  1. single mothers but never the father
  2. women are whores but only white women, ignore data and white men spreading STDs, becoming sub-fertile and becoming deadbeats is fine, goy
  3. muh IQ but don’t remove kebab because freedumbs, mention citizenship and never birthright
  4. crime but don’t bother looking at neurogenetics, holy shit balls no, this happened because somebody got slapped
  5. the big SJW thing you wouldn’t know nor care about to waste your time on, that he wants you to waste your life on instead of actually being Western culture yourself

Pink pill bitches still trust Stefan and his Gorilla Dick, Muslim-impregnating fren.

He keeps you in a lower state of vibration, prevented from full awakening. Isn’t allowed to talk r/K anymore and JF’s channel got nuked.  Huhh.
Cares so much about the West he tells rare white men to move to populous Asia (killing Christians) and kill their heritage with medical issue mixed kids. Talks about divorce rates but never actually goes into mixed race unions, domestic abuse rates (his specialty? odd) and their lower mongrel IQs. Nor the higher crime rate of mixed kids (even Eurasians!), mental illness and higher promiscuity…. but he knows about r-types. Huh.

Never plugs Anonymous Conservative though, which isn’t suspicious at all.

IQ of the West is lower? Which eugenicists in the 20s could’ve possibly predicted this? Don’t look at national IQs of Asia, don’t look at regression to the mean (Galton) and with repeated crop failures, don’t you dare look at the Malthusian trap brought on by zero spare arable land globally.

Let’s blame single mothers who weren’t allowed abortions like women can conceive magically by themselves, not politicians, Soros, Boomer voters, various immigration and Race Relations Acts removing freedom of association, pathological altruists, statists etc. Kick down at people with ruined lives because white and female. Such a nice guy, definitely a nationalist, insulting most of the national white populace!

Don’t look at the data of most white women who say they are not feminists.

Don’t mention that most ‘gender politics’ is inherently just classism. White/male/whatever privilege is middle-class privilege, it’s all class war. SJWs aren’t allowed to talk about classism you see. The focus on other demographic details is false consciousness they must keep you plugged into, so Suzy at WaPo has less privilege than the guy doing her sink. Who does most blue collar work? White people. Who does most middle-class work now? Asians, according to the UK census of wealth averages. Who’s privileged, Suzy?

[OT but I wish “it was my privilege” came back as a phrase, so much potential]

Brexit wasn’t a male vote, neither was Trump. It was class and then race.


“Class splits emerged, with the rich and well educated beaten Out of the 28-nation bloc by poorer, working class voters.”
“Lord Ashcroft ’s research also found no difference between how men and women voted – despite eve-of-poll claims women were more likely to vote In.”

That’s called psyops.

“The rich and middle-classes were more pro-EU.”

pro-cheap nannies

“The AB group backed Remain by 57% to 43%, while the poorer C2DE category was almost two-thirds in favour of quitting, voting Out by 64% to 36%, according to Lord Ashcroft .”
“Ethnic minorities and Muslims were Remainers, while whites and Christians were Outers.”

Stefan ignores this. For three years. He just forgot?

“White voters voted to Leave the EU by 53% to 47%.
“Two thirds (67%) of those describing themselves as Asian voted to Remain, as did three quarters (73%) of black voters.
“Nearly six in ten (58%) of those describing themselves as Christian voted to Leave; seven in 10 Muslims voted to Remain.”

So don’t tell me Abdul off the boat from Asia is more patriotic than the tea lady down the road. They’re hiding this data from you on purpose. Disinfo. The Left cannot force women to vote for them so their best bet is making their own men turn against them and push them leftward.

What are the men doing? Well, have you looked at union membership for the past century?

Don’t look at the data of Far-Left activists being 84% MALE and living at home.


He still interviews emo boy after emo boy and coerce them to blame women their age, instead of…. anyone else? Like the economy and bankers? Yup.

Who has been untouched is a who’s who of controlled ops.


Note: On the Offensive is 100% legit. We love you, man.

6 responses to “Celebrate your replacement

  1. If the Bitchute user has enabled it there will be a “magnet link” (looks like a horseshoe) in the lower right of the video pane. If your browser has Bittorrent integrated (e.g. Brave), clicking on it will d/l it.

    Also, is anyone keeping a list of the deplatformed/demonetized? Because those are clearly the only ones worth paying attention to. If Youtube & Facebook think you’re AOK, then it’s almost certain you’re not saying anything important (or even interesting).

    If you think about it, all this un-personing will eventually have then opposite effect.


  2. I once told one of these men who probably came back from Black Pigeon Speaks’ video on ‘How Women Ruined the World’, that if he wanted to eliminate the 19th, he should logically get rid of the 14th and that non whites shouldn’t vote.

    He proceeded to throw a tantrum, saying that as a black man he was entitled to that vote, whereas women simply sat there and earned it.

    These men are fine sending women back to the kitchen, but don’t want to stop Jamal from taking his jobs.

    • That’s hilarious, and perfect. Well done.

      Repealing the 19th is a no-go, as is the 14th. White men clearly didn’t care enough, or trust themselves enough, or (maybe) discovered enough of a moral conscious to keep the vote to themselves. Moreover, just because you’re white and male doesn’t mean you’re not a mush-brained r-selected POS that isn’t going to vote for a psychopath who will ruin your society.

      However, since universal suffrage always leads to Communism or worse, how do we restrict it? The dork enlightenment would say eliminate it, but that’s a no-go for practical and logical reasons. There will always be a form of popular will being represented in the social order. IMO the question is how do you organize a polity so that only those that are most likely to improve and insure the future are making the decisions?

      I believe the answer is to align the polity recognizing that human nature is what it is (and changes very slowly, if at all), and that many will make decisions based on short time preference and unenlightened selfish self interest.

      Here’s some ideas I’ve been batting about with like minded persons:

      No political system that is even somewhat democratic can survive universal suffrage due to perverse incentives.

      In brief: Suffrage needs to be restricted to private sector parents of living children that are net tax contributors.

      So, no vote for:

      Anyone who isn’t the parent of a living child. You don’t have a stake in the future. Sorry. Get married and have a fucking kid.

      Anyone deriving income directly, or indirectly from taxes. You have conflicted interests in civil society vs. bureaucratism. Nobody should be trusted (or asked) to vote themselves out of or into a job. This includes e.g. politicians, civil servants, welfare recipients, employees of government-supported industry.

      If a company is mixed-revenue (part private, part government contracts), use the private/public income ratio to determine whether a person gets more than 50% of their income from taxation. If yes, you get to vote. If no, you don’t.

      If any of the former reimburse government for the money they received, and produce a living child, they regain suffrage.

      Those who don’t fit into the above are the only demographic that can be argued to even begin to care about the future of their society.

      People respond to incentives, and ours are FUBARed. We need to un-FUBAR them.

      Immigrants and children of immigrants don’t get to vote for at least 5 generations. All immigrants are on probation for at least 10 years. Commit a crime, become a burden, you go back, immediately.

      Politicians and government employees DO NOT get to emigrate or hold dual citizenship, ever. No dual citizen politicians, or top 10 level of gov’t agcy employees. No expatriation after service, for any reason. The point of all that is you don’t get to fuck up the country and then flee.

      Taxes need to be implemented along Georgism/Geolibertarian principles, e.g. land tax, high minimum threshold, clear title path to a natural living human… And NO OTHER TAXES except tariffs (perhaps not on commodities, but that’s a geostrategic decision depending on circumstances).

      Welfare is collected and distributed on a county level, maximum.

      That’s as far as I’ve gotten. There’s a lot more (e.g. un-FUBARing the justice system), but it’s a work in progress. Please poke holes in any of that if you can. I’m hoping people will give me feedback on how commies will try and weasel around them.

      • Taxpayers-only would skip over all biases.
        Anyway, you’re supposed to be voting on where your own earned tax money goes so a person who provides none has no logical reason to vote.
        There are plenty of low IQ white male psychopaths, sadly, and the system refuses to punish them nowadays e.g. deadbeats.
        Just teach r/K in schools along with Origin of the Species, the lefties hate the hierarchy and meritocracy of nature.
        Welfare cliff keeps people locked in, deliberately, on the Democrat plantation. Here too, benefits cliff.
        Just making middle-class parents pay for their kids fully (no tax credits) and no sheltering from the diversity they vote in with expensive schools. We need hard and fast consequences to stupidity.
        Fertility licenses, the government won’t help unless you get one e.g. involves proving IQ of 100 minimum.
        Death penalty is only way to deal with career criminals.
        Dual passports are treasonous.
        Taxes include a checkbox list of things you want it to go to and things you don’t. List is public info.
        No campaigning for – a culture of DIY or STFU.
        A culture of shaming the feckless, degenerate and corrupting. Bring back dueling to settle disputes, we allow boxing.

      • @Scholar

        “Taxpayers-only would skip over all biases.”

        As long as income from the gov’t is non-taxable. Kek.

    • hating white women is a non-white condition
      if the sexes don’t cooperate, they live in 3rd world hell, God didn’t tell Adam to oppress and ignore Eve
      it’s like how most PUAs are actually Muslims or some other brown that feels entitled to white blondes thanks to Jew porn… plenty of low IQ men used to be barred from voting and the socialists couldn’t get a hold by appealing to them
      if based on IQ it could work but no exceptions for men, if you’re dumb, it doesn’t matter how hard you wave the flag, although making it taxpayer only would have the same effect and they reee there too
      they actually think white women are stealing their jobs but it’s really IQ difference plus automation, nobody owes them a corner office
      low IQ men are louder than ever thanks to the internet but people are seeing through it, they hate the merit that founded the West

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