Gays seducing weebs

It’s true, gay men are fully aware that asian GF is a pitstop on the admission of twinkhood.

Easing into it.

There is a scale.

Asian women tend to look just like twinks, kiddie face and boy hips.

Naturally, almost all they do is anal… with the woman. They go for the flat ass.

Seriously, compare twinks to the selected Asians, it’s uncanny.

It’s glaringly obvious. Even the slanted eyes look masculine, like Kiera Knightley androgynous.

Has a straight man ever wanted to bone Kiera? Before the politics.

Looks like a twink. Asian mix twink, this is important.

like this one too, boyish broad manjaw face

Important for spotting trannies too.

Asian girl or Asian boy? Note the similarity to mannish women and twinks. The presentation with eye make-up to alter the features and hair covering the manly bones? They literally cannot go outside without those two things, or they look like a different person (themselves).

Asian girl or Asian boy? Waifu or twink?

All this gender fluidity shit is big in Asia. Elliot was just a twink this whole time.

A typical line you hear upon questioning:

“I’d never rule out falling in love with a man” is classic gay but in denial.

No straight man would consider that remotely possible.

Normally they warm up to this to get inheritance shekels.

You see, the middle class warm up their relatives to the idea with Asian GF as boy-toy-looking bait.

Then when he brings home a white male later, it’s relatively a relief.

Because at least any grandkids will be white and there’s always IVF.

Disinheritance bullet dodged. Whoosh.

If you couldn’t tell by the titless wonder GFs and sagging ‘pants’.

Practically transparent kaks. Whereas straight men embody the phrase ‘guard your anus’.

If you look at Hollywood, they know this unwritten rule (much discussed) so well that no white guy with an Asian GF/wife is allowed to make it big. Think statistically how improbable that is. Their face doesn’t sell when they race mix (black is acceptable mix in HW) and they look like a pedo with a 12yo. Being a pedo, Hollywood will help. Looking like one, career suicide.

This is why beards are white, thank you for coming to my TED talk.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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