Abolish license fee when?

For Americans, there was just a public PC flogging of cuckservative candidates on the BBC.

If you don’t agree with the Party Line on multiculturalism, “actions have consequences”, as the host kept repeating like a haggard retarded parrot from 1984.

Opinions are not violence, people are entitled to offend others.

Your feelings are your problem, buttercup.

Not a set of testicles among ’em.

I told people Boris was foreign and was ‘educated’ in Brussels but he just beautifully outed himself.

Muslim relative who immigrated in the 20th century. Priceless.

Wait, I think the price is actually a few tens of millions of votes.

Not a word about FGM, child rape or the treasonous ‘Sharia’ courts.

I suggest they talk to the long list of young nubile secretaries he’s been known to rape before firing, some of which he abused further by forcing them to get abortions.

Blood will out.

None of those useless flaccid wankers are conservative, they’re in the wrong party. They don’t even like English people but pretend to have a claim to lead them. Your claim is lead in a firing squad if you endorse the genocide of the natives.

My personal favourite, however, was Hunt (there’s a dirty limerick in there somewhere) othering his own spawn. Turns out, he was surprised he fucked a chink and DNA remembered. Yes, race traitors, your kids will look different.  That’s what race mixing is.

You breed with the yellow fever, your kids are gonna look deformed. You chose it, bitch.

You didn’t want white kids. You wanted mud colour. You wanted weak tea rice farmer DNA.

Your line is over now. Your genetics have been conquered after millennia of independence. Mongoloid skull obese slitty shit brown eyes are your grandkids now.

You don’t get to cry about purity now. If you’re gonna half-breed, Italian max.

They look like genetic abominations because they are, the medical issues prove it.

He was bitching he ruined his own life, it was an amazing monologue.

I’m so glad the left-wing are aborting their children. More, more, more!!

I decided long ago, if modern politics is going to be a car crash, I’m going for a joy ride first.

Liberal fertility – feature, not a bug. High on openness? Self-genocide.

Nature…. finds a way. Natural selection includes genetic suicide.

A lot of Asian mongrels turn out to be gay or lesbian, actually.

He probably won’t have grandkids or, statistically, there’ll be a black boyfriend. Mixed goes for mixed (nobody else wants them) and acts surprised by more compounding medical issues, including fertility ones. Isn’t Nature trying to tell you something?

They did all this to help Corbyn and make working class white voters step back on the plantation.

Just tried to autocorrect Corncob. He is corncob now.

Hunt should move to China and run for election there, his loyalties aren’t even with other whites.

No place for old cucks. He literally went on a speech like “As a race mixer…..”

His mutant breeding experiment has no place here. Mother Nature hates mystery meat, the medical issues he chose too. He has been compromised by a dangerous foreign enemy.


Follow the wives.

Actually, isn’t it a risky honeypot situation where a foreign wife is high risk as a spy? It might not be legal for him to be PM. I kinda hope he gets in because Brits aren’t weebs and it’ll show people who they’re being replaced with, statistically. Chinacucks reee.

When your people are starving because of overbreeding, we’re not giving up our food. Fuck off to the Arctic and ask a polar bear for help.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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