Is he shitposting the shareholders? No, they’re really that stupid.

“Guys, I put a slightly cooler fan in the front for doggo”

That’ll go down well in China, they just had a festival eating BBQ dog.

What’s next, lolcatz icons? Nyan cat breezing around the steering wheel?


I think the doggo would rather be outside. Is there an auto-pooper scooper?

You can tell they’re all too high in America to pay attention.

This is what happens when investors do drugs. That is what historians shall conclude.

Elon Musk, Supergenius

Ooh, I like you.


No, gullible morons with delusions of riches living vicariously.

Will Evans, an award-winning journalist with the Center for Investigative Reporting, published a hard-hitting series about Tesla’s flagrant labor violations, exposing Elon Musk’s purportedly progressive business for what it truly is: a green mirage.

Socialist is a fraud? NO.

“These companies have escaped serious regulation—antitrust, [accountability, occupational standards],” says the Truthdig Editor in Chief. “We’ve kind of anointed these new industrialists as somehow prophets of a future, whether it’s at Apple or Google or Tesla or Facebook. They’ve got the magic wand; they know where it’s all headed. What you have in Elon Musk is sort of the poster boy for that arrogance. He just shrugged it off. You could do investigative reporting, you had the facts, it’s solid as can be–and they just don’t have to care, because they’re the wave of the future, right?”

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