Cook the rice, pay the price


‘If China is so great, why did Jeremy Hunt’s wife come to England?’: MP’s post sparks Twitter row


and it’s obviously a chicom spy, they all are, they literally all report back or foreign family gets punished.

This has been well-documented.

Hunt has been married to his Chinese-born wife Lucia Guo since 2009 and said this week: “My wife is Chinese. We want Britain to be one of the most successful countries in the world in 20, 30, 40 years’ time.”

But not an English England, clearly. And Britain isn’t a country?

If he can’t preserve his own bloodline, the useful fag should move to China and run for election there.

Yes, he has the starey eyes of a gay man, he pings so hard my gaydar broke.

R-cuck stare. It will eat your soul and destroy your country.

That is his wikipedia photo. He is proud of this photo.

I’d call that face a natural Lib Dem MP, one of the famously kinky freaky bitches.

Fake and gay.

When is he going to deport his waifu?

A good tree bears good fruit, a bad tree only bears bad fruit.

btw his pet name is Mr Big Rice, you needed to know that

rice queen?

If he’s (almost certainly) a spy, can we shoot him?

Trust English cultural future to the cuck who married THIS:

THAT. Ting Tong ChiCom. He’s so ashamed he won’t appear with her in public recently, hoping people forget.

She looks like the cleaner who got lost or a worker at a massage parlour confronted by his micropenis.

Dressing up Hunt’s Cunt in white won’t make her white. Cook the rice, pay the price.

No conservative in their right mind would vote for a guy who is literally a race traitor version of Macron.

He literally looks like a carbon copy of not-so-secretly homo Macron. These people have a look. A look that says “I’m going to betray everyone”.

Macron would be a better candidate for the Tories.

Then again, what Cameron called the Torah party is almost dead anyway.

His ‘as a woman’ is “my wife is Chinese”…

but what about your boyfriend? I’ll guess black, really black.

Ms Goodman later deleted the tweet and apologised, saying: “Last week Jeremy Hunt tried to justify the Tory tax credit cuts by saying, ‘My wife is Chinese… are we going to be a country that is prepared to work hard in the way that Asian economies are prepared to work hard?’

They don’t have workers, they have slaves.

They also poison their people with tons of pollution and no rights.

We do work hard, anti-white wanker. Move to China if it’s so great.

Whose fault is that, cuck?

and they are immigrants, anchor babies are still foreign.

Jeremy Hunt has admitted that he fears for the future of his three children who are half Chinese – because uncontrolled immigration risks causing ‘tensions’ in Britain.

They’re not really his kids, they’re hers. She’s part of the immigration problem.

The slitty slit has opinions though and we should care because….?
It doesn’t belong here, it’ll never, ever belong here. The mongrels neither. He looks like a schoolteacher to them.

This guy has been happy to murder millions of fellow whites on the NHS and most people who marry a chink from here can’t bring them home, obvious chicom plant.


Did he think of the NHS burden before he bought his own load in? Bloody hypocrite.

Move to China then ,you won’t be missed

Why should we worry about his children.

The last time I looked, NHS meant the “National Health Service” not the “International Health Service” subsidised by British taxpayers for non-taxpayers!

Weebs reee, move to Singapore or some other shithole.

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