New trend in books

Four Pillars of the Neo-Renaissance Man: Self-Mastery in the Dark-Age of Decadence

It’s a pastiche of things we already know but… intriguing. Especially for noobs.

Erm…. why just men?

Like, excluding majority of Westerners?

What am I supposed to do, knit dick warmers for the local poz party?

Written by a military bro so… had to make an exception and shill.

On principle.

Americans love to use that phrase, I blame American Renaissance for starting it but the actual one was a time of mass slaughter and abuses of men so… twisted title, all things considered.

They expect a return to tradition excepting the 20th century tradition of white men dying in coalmines, working two jobs while the wife brings zero monies and having no right to inherit property or vote. Literally, most white men in the history of white countries could not vote. Most stood to inherit nothing or weren’t firstborn.

The Tories kept getting in because, like, a few hundred guys had the vote. And they were all related.

And knew nothing of IQ.

The culture of the individual is fine IF kept meritocratic and ideally blinded e.g. exams. Using cultural individualism to excuse narcissistic bullshit is degenerate. An all-male society is relatively low IQ by mass. Rich men used wars to cull their competition among other men, to quell riots by reducing their numbers frequently. It’s a just world fallacy involving class because no group of smart people will consent to be bossed around by a majority of inferiors. Since they’re smarter and nothing visible like taller, they’ll just outsmart you. This is why the Left lose.

Of course, to know this, I’m one of the invisible, non-famous smart ones.

The Left partially target anyone who vaguely looks like a target because their true enemy is invisible, short of compulsory IQ testing and armbands of your score.

Equalism is a classless society but the smart money leaves, knowing that’s impossible.

Allow me to drag this trend of pretending to “save” the West by self-obsessing.


A psychology Professor writes:

People can only get away with this absurd claim to be defending Western Civilization (get away with it in their own minds, as much as the public arena) because Western Civilization is so obviously collapsing so fast and the perception that what will come after is probably going to be miserable for most people; and because this degeneration is being accelerated by an evil, blind and insane politically correct elite who apparently must be opposed – somehow – although with little chance of short-term success. 

Yeah it’s like the men who ‘love’ hook-up culture then bitch how women refuse to marry them. You made this monster, Doctor Frankenstein. You do not get to complain. Darwin 101, eggs are expensive.

Sexual Revolution: price discovery for female sexuality. Women no longer have to be attractive (the pre-marital substitute for sex). Men no longer have to be rich (family), it’s general fitness.

Men are the buyers, with their libido. It’s an audition. Women have zero reason to invest because men have zero shame neglecting their commitment later, negating the rush because there’s no permanence. [Polygyny only ‘works’ in low IQ nations because the man is forbidden from abandoning any of the women, ever, for any reason.] Imagine if you had the choice to buy a Ferrari but know it could be stolen by Commies any time, you’d be far cooler on the prospect of investing hard-earned time and money. If women don’t have survival needs met, why need a man? You’re effectively alone, anyway. Women don’t actually have a libido, outside of love/marriage, testosterone makes this abundantly clear. Married women have more sex. Gym women are mannish and high-T. They have less in marriage, as T drops. Women have far higher oxytocin levels than men, ever. Meaning, we’re fine. The Bible says seductive women are dangerous – because they want something else.

See, smart one. Succinct.

Patriarchy is fathers, not bachelors, who protect marriage to protect their daughters. Sons are married off based on money, especially firstborns. Daughters must be loyal to a man who won’t cheat, fund a bastard or outright leave. Fathers can spot their own type, the respectful kind. If marriage isn’t sacred, what motive do women have to marry, breed and be faithful? It’s like building a house on sand, marriage must be protected for female comfort. It’s called cheating for a reason. Family honour, betrayal. Women won’t be cucked, they joined convents to avoid it.

But the Secular Right is trying to keep its cake and to eat it: to retain the residual and declining bits of modernity, the counter-currents that it personally values (especially sexual freedom); but at the same time to dispense with PC – and PC is now the mainstream and dominant flow of modernity.

Morons: I want muh 21st century “rights” in the context of nebulous “past” culture of 18/19th centuries… because that’s possible AND desirable.

Also morons: But you’ll take my iPhone from my cold, dead hands.

You can’t undo the Industrial Revolution, a lot of useless farmhands became invalid suitors overnight.

No one:

Misogynists: women have too many rights. They tell me, prime narcissist, the word ‘no’, and they shouldn’t be allowed to do that. I am entitled.

Contradictions abound too.

Sexual freedom like…. abortions? Because that’s really freedom from men needing to marry.


Because there is much to suggest that the Left is indeed the main line of a Western Civilization which is pre-programmed to self-destruction; while the Right has been merely applying intermittent braking, imposing temporary corrections which save the West in the short term – but only at the cost of entrenching its long-term and underlying errors.


It’s called enabling.

Part of pathological altruism.

If so, the West cannot be saved. To ‘save’ the West would entail re-winding and recovering a pre-Western perspective and re-running the process – hoping that this time the desired attributes would re-emerge but without self-destructive Leftism.

or totally brain-dead, expecting any human society of mere average IQ to be totally static, forever.

Ironically, a suppression in law of the Left will cause the workers (yes, real natural lefties) to physically rebel. Your models do nothing, also Marx’s mistake. People will oppose any oppression eventually.

Freedom to succeed, also entails total freedom to fail, this is nature. Stupid people destroy themselves if not bailed out unfairly by others. This is dysgenics in action, if you enable it.

Let the dunce families fail. Nature is a meritocracy.

But the West has self-destruction built-in; or rather Western civilization is built-over a simultaneously self-dug pit of nothingness into which it will, sooner or later, fall.

Like, you can’t keep the parts of the rocket you find cool, the shell, and expect it to FLY without the fuel.


[to dumb down his academese]

You have a prosocial society (i.e. no Sexual Liberty) or the antisocial one (tragedy of the commons, impaired pair bonding, deadbeats and mental illness/crime, re-marriage and Cinderella effect etc).

This is racially determined (IQ perhaps) and scientifically noted throughout history.

see The Explanation of Ideology: Family Structure and Social Systems

Different groups NEED different structures – therefore in different countries/continents.

see The invention of English individualism

Almost like they evolved as complete organisms. A whole structure. Informed by tribal warfare, pandemics and other unique history.

But K.

While I’m dragging trends….

And the fixation on… shunning hedonism… for a better life.

Like, it’s one of those books you can take a lot from if you have character, a lot to work with already.

If you lack character, you’ll make some superficial improvements and feelgood.

Long-winded title, probably purple prose. Well-structured though.

It better have a chapter on how rampant sexuality is the harbinger of the social apocalypse.

Economic issues of Malthus preferred.

And edgy facts nobody is happy about (including men reading it, like deadbeat rates).

If this is just pro-male you go guys bullshit egocentric propaganda sorry for wasting your time.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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