Gamma mansplaining

h/t Not Enough Musk Spam

Lost it at muh argument to authority.

Better than cocksucking for fiat billionaire though, huh?

“Your daughter is nothing” but abundantly qualified and not fantasizing about mass murder.

Which somewhat counts in her favour.

“and never will be” if a person sounds like a villain from a cheap old vidya, you should definitely respect them.

Like yes she’s a qualified engineer but she wasn’t on Rolling Stone so non sequitur neee naw nee naw you’re wrong.

Write back to Joshua asking for Musk’s bail money.

I can see why Vox purges these bitches. Identification is a destructive defense mechanism, psychiatry’s idolatry.

You may criticise your shady boss I never met but do you have the same SSN, horoscope and favourite colour? I don’t fucking think so. Secret king wins again against all you just jealous bitch haters. You’re lucky he doesn’t drag his totally alpha pussy banging ass (no homo) to shoot you cuz he was in Iraq, cunt, in the SAS and can kill a man at 750 yards. How very dare you. If you insult his billionaire waifu by punching up, if you snark his internet boyfriend again, he will find you ….and he will pity you.

Can we please exterminate the Joffreys of the world? Not all men, #just the joffreys.

Women have nothing against omegas who keep to themselves, as a point of fact. It’s the gammas we hate.

Not because they are men, but because they’re not.

They actively try to harm real men, women, families.

They can’t get a wife so your wife must be cheating with the milkman.

Your daughter doesn’t want them so she’s obviously a whore.

As for the patriarch of a happy household, he should cheat on his family and leave them with nothing because muh divorce courts are evil and happiness is impossible.

Speak for yourself, losers. Speaking for all men is sexist, even from another man. Especially so. A man without a desire to compete with other men doesn’t exist, so they’re poisoning the well, must be.

The biggest gamma I’ve seen is Tony Blair, constantly gaslights other men with mansplainy shit.

Dead doll eyes. All mansplainers are gamma, it still counts if they’re assuming qualification over another man.

SJWs are just female gammas, learn to spot the rot, the anti-trad bullshit.

Two sides of the same anti-natal coin.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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