Apart from the curry Pole?

or the fact we’re meant to be jealous of slumdog dog?

It’s pozzed to death already, you can just tell it’s gonna be shit.

Plus, they missed the boat casting a real actor, younger, who literally looks like Geralt IRL: Stanley Weber.

But sure, hire the Hollywood bi fag. Makes sense. Especially after the rapey public statements.

pings like a fucking pinball machine

What you could’ve won:

And he’s already done nude scenes as a French king. Incredibly qualified. I watch for the plot. I’m cultured, I like French films, what can I say?

I’d actually been looking forward to this until I heard about the poz casting and plotting. Now I won’t bother watching it, should’ve known kiddie porn posting Netflix would buy it purely to ruin it.

It actually looks laughable.

She’s an Indian 6, solid 5. Worldwide 4, if you ignore the manjaw and body.

If you’re gonna choose non-white, go for an Adriana Lima?

Brazilian Supermodel Adriana Lima | Free Wallpapers ...

So many hot mixed women, holy shit you screwed up Netflix.

Side by side, you can accurately judge how shit this is gonna be.

10, meet 4.

I know who looks more like the character….

And that’s the best pic they could get. Hook nose and anorexic face is obvious from other angles.

Shit, I thought she was mid-30s but apparently she’s 22. Vegan face?

At least here there’d be a case for resemblance.

The passing off is hilarious. Curry scented turkey neck, reporting in.

Asians in white clothes look like fucking Ren fayre larpers.

How long until the fans realise this is masturbatory white fever Mary Sue material for SJWs?

How long until they turn?

It’s just uncanny valley.

At best, they look like fetish hookers. It’s as weird as those white women wearing a sari.

Like, not a peep about cultural appropriation, is there?

Potentially worse because Asians practically don’t have a waist. Their WHR is mannish so they’re accentuating something that, racially, just isn’t there…

even if you starve yourself, Anya!

I’m in an unkind mood because fuck Netflix.

Flashback, totally legit Polish.

Hey Geralt, how’s about that green card?

Not a peep about cultural appropriation, because it’s okay when they do it.

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