Ginger is an anagram

That’s Disney’s in-joke replacing all ginger whites with black people.

Mermaids are also not human, literally not human.

The story makes it clear she’s a beast, a subhuman aka no Soul.

The purpose of the story is a subhuman with xenophilic delusions of grandeur trying to rob, trick and use witchcraft to steal a soul. It’s also a metaphor on how segregation works and attempts at hopping into a world you don’t belong is doomed to fail.

Funnier when you know the European mythology it was based on ends in her literally dying because the man picks someone else.

He doesn’t choose her.

He was out of her league, as a human, with a soul, as handsome and a Prince to boot.

And we all know what happens to black girl hair in the rain.

Her flat face reminds me of something but Hollywood loves the dumb distant-eyed retard look.

Not quite but close. The flat nose sells it. Like an ET.

Closer. Blobfishes are real, people.

THERE it is.

Small, beady, distant eyes, flat but broad mid-face and ghoul lips.

She actually looks more Asian, statistically, like a hapa Filipino accident. More of a Moana.

Asian face.

Africans tend to have larger, rounder eyes, fuller mouth, less broad face and especially honker, whereas the eyes on this one look like some type of mental disability sorry. It’s the distance plus the smooth vacancy. I’ve seen that in people with IQs from 60-80 something. Small eyes are a male trait, anyway. That is a 2 with make-up, no. Tranny? Could be. Huge face bones, huge.

There are Africans who look like her, though, like this San woman.

Asians and Africans crossbred a lot, the main indicator is width. They look alike in many ways.

We’ll know if it’s anti-white if the ‘Prince’ is still white. White fever strong but try to deny white men are most attractive meanwhile.

Not a drop of black in that one.

How will she keep her weave dry in salt water, that’s what I wanna know?

Notice they go for dilute black (American) instead of full African black?

Colorism. That’s the term they use and there’s a grain of truth to it.

Blackwashing, oilspilling, whatever term you use the token is obscene.

Well they used a sand color girl this time, so lighter than even the dilute ‘American’ black averages.

They could’ve even found a black woman with white features, it happens.

Genetic fluke but

it happens.

Apparently, Disney parks are very quiet recently. Quelle surprise.

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