MGTOW is the “child-free” choice for men

SJWs: anti-natal, never have kids, distrust all men.

MGTOW: anti-natal, never have kids, distrust all women.

Fine by me, fine by all of us actually. Does the future really need your mediocre DNA?

Like, okay, you can leave the race, standing around talking about it isn’t leaving, is it?

MGTOW never actually GOES.

They clog up VD’s comment sections among others (including women’s websites???!) and think we all miss them.


In fact, standing around stomping your feet like a horny emotional toddler just shows everyone why women are totally missing out on those fine specimens of manhood.

We notice we’re happier when you’re not standing around, whining.

Basically their standard they complain women should accept is:  …be male, …be 18+.

That’s it.

Even the job of waiting tables requires more than that, let alone husband/father.

That’s a job. Sitting around getting a pregnancy belly with estrogenic beer addiction is not a skill.

Where did the filters go?

Men used to hold one another accountable. Historically, rites of passage, if failed, resulted in death or being disinherited, minimum. I bet they also expect the wife to be in two places at once like I Dream of Jeannie: simultaneously a stay at home mother (all alone, with time to do no chores, including shower) but also at work, earning money to contribute to the household (I thought you wanted gender roles, tho?)… without touching on the ones who wanted a replacement Mommy figure they can fuck. Those atheists don’t want marriage.

You fucked yourselves into a corner, you can stay fucked.

Most of the divorces they bitch about are RE-MARRIAGES. Thereby, MOOT.

Why would women choose you? This isn’t Pokemon. They can prefer nothing.

If nothing is better than you, you fucked up.

Apparently, guys that go on about market forces, can’t apply supply/demand to the quality of woman they attract.

It’s like straight men calling any barely financially stable (as a singleton) non-prison male a man and worse, a 10.

Your standards used to be higher, especially in the West.

You used to have standards.

Most men cannot be 10s, it’s statistically impossible.

And a ten is like, a 6ft broad manly man. Sexual dimorphism, genetic, not a shitty obedient worker drone CV. Not “I have a degree in engineering so all the supermodel babes must wanna bone me” – every Indian off the boat thinks that.

White women aren’t attracted to your degree. A guy who wants a promotion has less time to be a parent and husband. If you’re effectively raising the kids alone, you’re a single parent, sponsorship like a kept woman or not.

IQ typical range by occupation:

The middling intellect of detectives is very reassuring.

Engineering -related occs, other tops out at 120. Is that fucking it? Social workers and clergy do better!

EEs – 128, TOPS. There are EEs below 100 AVERAGE.

You want your house wired up by a guy who isn’t even AVERAGE in IQ, right?

If we have any labelling system, forcing people to wear their Binet adult IQ visibly would be very instrumental in improving dialogue on real issues.

For one, this guy talks about ‘unicorns’…. like he deserves one.

Like, they wouldn’t reject him? For a male unicorn?

A man that doesn’t fuck around with strippers and catch herpes, as many of these MGTOWs actually do?

If you want to stop being fucked around by women, stop fucking with women.

They’re the sexual equivalent of vegans at a BBQ. You turned up?

This coffin-dodger (I was MGTOW decades before it was cool rant) well past middle age (late 30s for men) is bitching and bitter like anyone can save him. You made your cold, empty bed. Where are the bad girls now? Are good girls still boring?

So, young men need help recognizing the qualities of a unicorn, and also they need help developing the qualities of leadership that you point out are necessary to maintaining a healthy relationship with a woman.

If you’re old enough to ask this (13+) you’ve already missed out on the critical development needed.

He’s trying desperately to convince himself he didn’t throw away his life. And that young men are really dumb, like him.

They talk about women like running a naval fleet. This is not the SS Pussy.

It isn’t like ‘maintaining’ a car.

We’re also not aliens. If you wanna talk to a forum of men before your wife, you’re an insecure little bitch.

If you don’t know a good woman when you see it, that is Nature selecting your low IQ from the gene pool. There are no bad girls – there are women (sociopaths, borderlines, narcissists) using men because they hate them. The good girls they mock as things like frigid or boring are ironically the women they end up figuring out they needed all along, too fucking bad!

Even Don in Mad Men ended up divorcing from perfect blonde housewife. At what point is the man at fault?

You can’t develop leadership, it’s genetic fitness. Pick-up is a scam. They rarely marry and often have multiple marriages because their shit doesn’t work long-term. And manipulation over years sounds both exhausting and unhealthy. Who TF wants that?

Their agency is all over the place about what WOMEN do.

Women are not the pro-active sex, improve YOURSELF.

If you built it….

They do not love, they’re incapable of it – they cannot discern good from bad because they’re rotten fruit. They feel the need to parody emotion, even after marriage. Heartless.

I think

If you had such valuable opinions you’d have found one woman to tolerate you.

if you provided a positive message toward that end, you would help the cause of promoting the survival of western civilization more effectively than just calling people names.

Tell them about paternal age studies. There is no positive message, this isn’t fucking Barney.

Stop letting old men reproduce and make retarded kids the rest of us have to pay for. That plus the stillbirths and miscarriages thanks to old men who waited too long.

You are not entitled to have kids.

This isn’t AA for bachelors.

Western Civilization was fine when the losers weren’t allowed to breed. If you want a Christian family culture in law, only the first marriage counts. As narcissists, they actually think Western Civ cannot go on without them, when it’s actually better off?


MGTOW: I will date and have sex with women I have no intention of marrying.

MGTOW: Why are all women bitches and sluts? Where do I find a unicorn?

That’s it, that’s the lunacy.

“I can be a slut but, magically, not tamper with the fresh meat I want after”

It takes two though. There’s no Have it All – for women or for men.

Magical thinking is a sign of insanity. Unicorns, LOL.

You want your cake, don’t eat it!


That dude wants an advice column, here’s an advice column that he won’t follow. Stop doing these things for 6 months and get back to us for your next steps:

1. Stop watching porn, this includes things like strip clubs and prostitutes.

2. Stop doing drugs.

3. Stop over consuming alcohol.

4. Stop over consuming food, especially sugary food.

5. Stop drinking soda.

6. Stop wasting time on the internet, this means no more forums with losers, all MGTOW hangouts, no more social media, etc.

7. Stop playing video games.

8. Stop lying about what kind of a girl you deserve, if your combination of looks, social savvy and income rates you a 3, then you can only date 3’s. There’s no “unicorn” out there who wants to date an ugly guy with no social savvy who’s broke.

9. Stop making excuses for your life by calling it things like MGTOW.

Follow those 9 steps EXACTLY 100% for 6 months and get back to us. Of course if you follow those 9 steps exactly then you won’t have to get back to us.


The answer to the respondent is simple. There are no perfect people, and any search for a perfect woman will fail. Worse, were the perfect woman to exist, the searcher would not be worthy of her.

nah he wants a whore with a heart of gold

because those exist

… Which means that mating that focuses in superficiality and insincerity will result in superficial and insincere relationships. Which in turn means that a man should not engage in courtship that appears serious until he really is serious and sincere…..


These threads really bring out the gammas. Now one is telling Vox how to act on his own blog.

Zero mystery why women despise you all.

They mansplain to other men too, it’s a gamma phenomena.

“I know how to run your life/blog/marriage better than you”

bitchy comment

….those that are, are snapped up by all the Betas and Alphas, leaving very little for the Deltas.

Unlike, what other time period in history?

You’re not entitled to a superior waifu.

SEE? Their problem is they hate other men.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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