Where’s the obesity scooter?

She simply MUST be a fat acceptance disabled woman!


Is there a kid in the picture? Is she a lesbian?

Is heshe transitioning?

This is amazing.

Does Rafe the Rake shoot her?

He was considered for Bond, please let him be the next one and a film is just about M with the plot twist it’s just Ralph being himself for a film.

The man who managed an unknown feat in whoredom – cheating on his wife after his mother’s death with his stage mother only to leave her for her own daughter.

HOW many men in HISTORY could pull that off?

His fabulous, manwhoring self. The man whose penis is his life purpose.

Liam cameos. Bisexual school chum lover. Based on a true story.

Actually, how does he not have, like, five thousand bastard children running around?

One response to “Where’s the obesity scooter?

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