Penny dropped, has it?

Casual Sex Creates Guilt

Wow, it really is the current year.

What’s next, AOC admits Communism/socialism has been tried and always failed?

He’d have done better going with Islam, his ancestral religion.
I wonder how long this will last.

Drug-based religious epiphanies are fake. They’re always deceitful, demonic in nature.

That’s why ‘shamans’, savages and all sorts of occulty bullshit rely on it, including self-aware Satanists.

It’s an illusion and half the attendees of Burning Man experience the same drug-based ‘revelations’.

If God’s word didn’t move you for decades, it wasn’t that. He’s talking about the world, too worldly for it to have been real. He’s also preaching with zero grounds. No humility.

Still, it does seem like he always knew it was wrong to slut around and did it anyway, suggesting a false conversion to control the religious with false piety and twisting lies akin to the CHINO kind. Cynically, it could be a gamble to make money off a fresh demo. In which case, Muslims have more money.

You can’t ‘game’ God into a place in Heaven, nobody will listen to a sinner from the church and this won’t allow him control over white women. It’s laughable if he thinks he can dominate women as a man, women who believe men ain’t shit compared to God.

He seems to be repeating, almost word for word, what many people among us have been saying for years (while he slagged us off for it):

“Sleeping around is the most common example. Outside the confines of love and family, sex is perverse and immoral, because it denies the reproductive aspect of humanity to treat others as masturbatory tools that are used and discarded.”

That’s called objectification and it’s dehumanizing. Congratulations, you agree with the feminists on something (although objectification does exist, it’s connected to the Sexual Revolution, Patriarchy usually protects its women).

“It turns out that men who have received sexual pleasure from sluts will then attack sluts for being… sluts.”

He discovered the wikipedia page on projection. But men who sleep with female sluts are ALSO sluts, that’s what a slut is.

It’s also Madonna/Whore, men who are repulsed by ‘good girls’ as sexual options or cheat on the wife instead of loyalty, with a slutty mistress.

It is a mistake to assume everyone is guilt filled and projecting though.
If they’re not loudly going after people and quietly going about it, they’re probably just naturally promiscuous. Rare, but occurs.

“scarcity of eggs-”
myth, women actually produce new eggs during post-birth life, it’s been studied and that myth debunked
the male gamete constantly refreshes, compounding mutation rates

“shortened window of fertility” paternal age is a huge factor in miscarriage, stillbirth and sub-fertility in men as well, especially after 30 quality starts to drop and after 40 especially (see paternal age tag)
the high autist rate is something researchers have openly blamed on the ‘trend’ for older fathers, trying to deter them from waiting, which the MSM hasn’t amplified as important because it hates you

“You see this in black, Asian, and Indian women who attack “white privilege” and “white supremacy” while simultaneously dating white men or being attracted to them.”

going after white fever, brave

Push that button if you want ANY influence. Sex issues are so 2010, now it’s all about race.

“Other behaviors that create guilt are masturbation, especially with the aid of hardcore pornography, and sodomy, which are both direct forms of self-abuse.”

Both sexes masturbate in their sleep naturally, zero guilt I’ve ever seen reported in studies. If God designed us, that one gets a free pass. Unless it’s the baby Jesus buttplug. Porn causes guilt because it’s voyeurism.

‘Straight’ men engaging in anal are at new risk of previously only homo-common diseases.

and less navel-gazing, America

FIX the problems rather than a circlejerk TALKING.

Priceless inclusion given:

“If I didn’t stop having casual sex, I would find new and ingenious ways to insult women.”

I’m sorry his sister died and all, preventing me from temporarily using harsher words about this convenient conversion, but this guy is sounding like a brown Russell Brand.
Acting like a beast doesn’t ever become washed off the record and to assume one is forgiven before death is pure Churchian. To lecture as if one has moral authority from doing evil is pure Satan. Hubris?
I get the feel why so many of these guys are ‘finding’ Jesus is because they want the Have it all I predicted YEARS ago – they want to fuck around with sluts in the pussy parade then have a Christian (best religion for this) waifu once their T-levels drop and they aged out of clubs.

That won’t happen. You need decades to prepare to be a good husband.

I don’t spare dishonest women from critique either.

but the I told ya so is STRONG

COPE, manwhores, COPE.

The wages of sin last for decades. Seeing how old PUAs end up will be an object lesson.

In the comments are race-mixing guys trying to claim (appeal to exception) that their kids are different or (gag) better.
Thankfully the odd person is pointing out the basic scientific facts, more or less 1. those kids self-hate, since there’s no place for them in the world and they belong nowhere 2. those kids are clinically depressed and 3. they have health issues (so write off grandkids or great-grandkids). No progeny? Wasted investment. Don’t marry any woman based on sex appeal (esp. fetish), duh?

There’s also direct Bible admonishment:

For why should you, my son, be exhilarated with an adulteress And embrace the bosom of a foreigner?

among other choice lines


“I’d rather become a monk/hermit instead of wifing up a different race than mine or a white slut.

Wait until the Tiger Mom divorces kick in with the next recession.

Asians only stay if you pay.

When your income grows stale, they bail!

Grace trumps race in regards to salvation, but not in the material world. Miscegenation is forbidden by the moral law, yet unless you don’t know some biblical Greek you’ll never know.

I am not a friend of the CI movement, but they have some interesting truth nukes you cannot argue with (scroll down to “The Sixth Commandment”):”

Here it is:

“In most translations of the Bible, Exodus 20:13 and Romans 13:9 are translated: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” In the literal translation of the Anointed Standard Translation of the New Testament and in the true translation of the Ten Commandments in The Truth Unveiled, these passages are translated as: “You will not mongrelize”.

In many people’s minds, there is a very great difference between these two translations, though, as we shall see later, this is due primarily to the purposeful degeneration of the etymology of the word adultery. At issue in the Greek Septuagint and in the Greek New Testament are two Greek words: ou moicheuseis. …

In the Latin Vulgate, Exodus 20:13 was translated as non moechaberis and Romans 13:9 as non adulterabis. The Latin word moechaberis is an inflected form of moechari, a transliteration of the Greek moicheuo, and is of little etymological importance since what it means is merely dependent upon what the Greek word means, which we will explore. However, what is important is adulterabis, an inflected form of the word adultero, since this is the Latin word most often used in the Vulgate and elsewhere to translate the Greek word moicheuo. 

The Greek word ou and the Latin word non are simply negative particles, translated not. Thus, the words that we need to define in order to determine the correct translation of Exodus 20:13 and Romans 13:9 are the Greek word moicheuo and the Latin word adultero. 

I am rarely impressed but congratulations.

First, in order to define the word moicheuo, let us turn to a commonly used and commonly available dictionary, the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, edited by Gerhard Kittel and translated into English by Geoffrey W. Bromiley. Now let us note that Kittel was a well-renowned German Greek scholar and is held in high-esteem by the scholarly community. 

Under the entry word moicheuo, the following definition is given: “of the intermingling of animals and men or of different races.” [In the German original, Theologisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament, we find the original words of Kittel: “auch von Vermischung von Tier und Mensch oder von Mischung verschiedener Rassen”]. 

This, of course, is the classical definition of mongrelization. So the Greek of the New Testament and the Greek Septuagint confirm that the translation “You will not mongrelize” is correct. 

Now that we have defined the Greek, what about the Latin Vulgate? Now we must define the Latin word adultero, and we shall do so using the finest Latin dictionary currently available and the standard among Latin scholars, the Oxford Latin Dictionary: “To mix (a substance or kind) with another, adulterate: to impair the purity or strength of, to give a variety of appearances to, change . . . to corrupt, debase.” Once again, when this is applied to people, we have mongrelization. So we find age-old agreement between the Latin and the Greek. 


This explains their group-level reproductive issues, if explicitly forbidden by God.

Among other details like marital problems, notably the domestic abuse rate.

And divorce rates.

Therefore, using two of the most respected reference works available regarding Biblical Greek and the Latin language, and simply looking the words up, we find that these verses in the Bible are in fact an explicit prohibition against race-mixing. 

To any intellectually honest person, the above definitions should be more than enough to convince him that the Bible explicitly prohibits race-mixing. This is exactly why the coalition of evil is so against a true and literal translation of the Word of God. In fact, it may be stated that their theology is little more than a justification system for the breaking of this divine law of God. If the translation You will not mongrelize is wrong, then the two reference works cited above, certainly two of the most prestigious works of their type available, are also wrong. Any legitimate Greek or Latin scholars would agree with these definitions; anyone who would disagree with these definitions have in fact turned their backs on legitimate scholarship and should stop being hypocritical and admit that they do not believe the Bible instead of trying to change what it and what legitimate scholars say.

Now, many people will simply go and find a dictionary that defines the above words as adultery, and then ignorantly presume that adultery is defined as marital infidelity and simply forget about the two definitions cited above.

To show the stupidity and intellectual dishonesty of these people, I have previously written a work entitled Hidden Truth, now published under the title The Truth Unveiled, which gave many more proofs of the definitions of the Greek and Latin family of words commonly translated adultery, and examined in detail every Biblical passage, both Old and New Testaments, where these words occurred. That is not the purpose of this present work. The reader is encouraged to also read the chapter regarding this family of words in The Truth Unveiled for a complete Biblical analysis of this family of words. The objective herein is to examine in detail the etymology of both the Greek and Latin words commonly translated adultery, the ways these words were used in other Greek and Latin literature and in key passages in the Bible, and to explore how the web of deception regarding these words has been woven through the degeneration of language. The information presented hereafter is indisputable and not a subject of debate: one will either be intellectually honest and believe it or one will suffer the fate of all liars and those who help make a lie. 

Bloody hell, a gentleman and a scholar.

God split the peoples of the world, this was his will.
The mental and physical health issues prove it.

Why will the sluts deny this?

R-selected men sexually select the outgroup, it’s a dominant indicator of what they are.
This is known.
A man who wants kids with the outgroup is an inferior and he’s backing the horse that might accept him.

““A man’s sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental convictions…. He will always be attracted to the woman who reflects his deepest vision of himself, the woman whose surrender permits him to experience a sense of self-esteem. The man who is proudly certain of his own value, will want the highest type of woman he can find, the woman he admires, the strongest, the hardest to conquer–because only the possession of a heroine will give him the sense of an achievement.””

They bet on a future where you are dead, the Beige people world of NWO planning.

The term is race traitor for a reason. There can be no bargaining with people who want to kill you just as assuredly as suicide bombers. They are actively genociding their white DNA (literally gene-cide*) and replacing you like a cuckoo baby in your homeland (they never wanna move out…). No white woman will submit to them out of disgust, they’re almost entirely gammas. Some are involuntary race mixers because no fellow white will have them! Non-whites use them for babies, green cards and money. Among Asians, white>masculinity, that’s why the same guys almost never land objectively better looking Latinas, where it’s inverted and masculinity is prized.

Prove me wrong, internet. How long do fetish spouses last in hard times?

It isn’t a unique (and biologically validated) disgust:

Why do blacks reject mulattoes because something something colorism?

Why do these guys (pictured) all have the same Look, and only land Asians without trouble?

and the eternal classic

Hence, white gammas go weeb. It’s science, more or less.

Frankly, this one looks gay as John Barrowman.

Gays think they’re in the closet because they’re on that r-select sexual spectrum, preferring less dimorphic women.

Why do all weebs have this soft, shriveled look? Some group of men get together and figure this out.

I’ll be called jealous of women with no waist or hips…. somehow.

*Non-whites gain more than 50% dominance breeding with whites, with our recessive genome, hence the fetish for us globally.
I’ve linked to it at some point here. It was mentioned alongside genetic distance.


“The other races (Negroids and Mongoloids) have been created way earlier than the Caucasoids, which is archaelogically and genetically proven. The blue-eyed-gene for example goes back to exactly one common ancestor. Then how comes no Asian or African has colored eyes?”

True but there’s also multi-regional hypothesis.

“You can read in different historical accounts about the decay that (only) mulatto societies have upon morals and environment.

In no small part to lower IQ than the purebred parents and r-selected sexual strategy (quantity over quality) depressing quality of living. The Third World chooses to be poor, because they choose to have too many children. It’s as simple as that. The low IQ detail is compounded in each generation by improper breeding habits, since crime (like rape) and libido are both higher in that demographic, in any race. If they’re gonna infanticide any sex, the ones who rape and rebel would be better candidates. Then there’s the fact each race evolved to its environment and the mixed race (technically raceless) are not well-adapted to any environment, so you’d expect them to comparatively fail in every environment, since it’s about Darwinian genetic competition with those who didn’t mix. I blame the parents who chose this for them. They’d be most competitive to live in the lower IQ society of one of the parents. That’s why conqueror’s kids are an exception, higher IQ DNA dissolving into a lower IQ society (too low is/should be wiped out) succeeds better than the natives, in that case. It fails when reversed.

Change the white society, lose the society.

Needs more genetics, more studies. Generally correct.

What does ‘good breeding’ actually mean? K-select.

Race-mixers are also, in studies, less attractive on average than same-race counterparts. Children are the IQ mean of the individual parents. Look at the national IQs of these brood women and that’s a terrible mean, plus regression to the mean pulling kids down anyway. Galton, ironically.

The darker a person’s skin, the higher their testosterone, again, compounding the r-selection.

Those white guys will find their beige kids resentful, slutty and probably drawn to SJW politics because in their utopia, everybody belongs. They’ll learn, too late.

Elliot Rodger, that Yang Marxist, more to come, I’m sure.

In the Travels of Marco Polo you have an account (Book I, Chapter 14) in which fair-skinned Tartars took black Indian wifes. The mixed race offspring ravaged the city of Camandu, and even acquired magical and diabolical knowledge they used for their raids.

You may have good intentions but misinformation and lacking in knowledge creates more evil than good. As it is written in Hosea 4:6:
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”


“Instead, he bangs them and then refuses to take part ownership in his own degeneracy.”
Blaming ‘culture’ and ‘society’ and the women is still evading shame. Shame is personal and earned, the bad rep.

What do you expect? They’re r-types! Mentally more akin to a child! Gimme brains!

Let the weeb Other his own kids, as long as he’s happy to self-deport with them when the homeland thing becomes the global norm… again.

That’s in the peaceful scenario.

The SJWs hate ALL white men, even their own father.

Race-mixing won’t be any kind of defense when they come for you, too.

Proof, in the Bible: “21 Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rise against their parents and have them put to death.”

Prediction: Roosh will go some kind of Buddhist then Muslim then a weird hybrid.

Because my my my how the tables have fucking TURNED.

“The alt right is worse than feminism in attempting to control male sexual behavior”

Why did he choose Christian?

Acceptable races are South American, Persian, Armenian, and European (non-Northern).”

I can hear 8chan fire up the gas chambers on that line.

As if “I’m not white. Why should I care about the future of white societies?” wasn’t bad enough.

He talks about subversion and outsiders ruining any open system. So will he try and get in with the TradCons?

At this point I’ll stop feeding the troll PR unless something major happens.

I knew this was coming.

Note the ressentiment of ‘it’s secretly the women and their Lilith magic!’ as if adult men aren’t responsible for their own opinions, much like Roosh isn’t responsible for his words coming back to bite him on the a-and I digress.

He wanted his face on it.

They all have the same line. I did that but it isn’t Me anymore. I turned my back on it, accept me. Sure, like a porn star marrying once her career is over. Your Trojan Horse has failed, deal. He finished by saying the phrase ‘rape hysteria’ and playing Damsel because all this attention is apparently a threat to them and their social circle. R-types.

Let’s see if this modest (and holding back) post is taken with the humility we typically expect of this lot.


Pharisees of the peen.

Roosh V takes the “God Pill,” embracing Jesus after getting super high on shrooms. No, really

Current year, highlight reel.

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