Mantrums are degenerate

Chris Morgan, ‘Bagel Boss Guy’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

‘member when men had dignity? Me neither.

Lump this one in with the Speedos guys who insist they’re not gay; with fake tan, waxed chests and a neon budgy smuggler.

At least this height obsession would make sense if he had a lifelong goal like joining the Marines.

“Another video shows Morgan slamming his bagel down on the ground while continuing to have a tantrum, before eventually taking his breakfast order and leaving the store.”

That is one severely hijacked amygdala. Two fuse breaks in five minutes?

Just find a short woman, there’s plenty of ’em. Move to Thailand.

“Bagel Boss told the New York Post that the man didn’t pay for his breakfast — a whole wheat bagel with one egg white and swiss cheese — before leaving the store.”

With the pathetic pettiness we’ve come to expect from triggered Americans. He didn’t even pay and he ordered egg white? There are no nutrients in egg white. Is he gonna blame his hormones next?
This kind of hysteria is unacceptable, from men or women alike.

It’s literally the modern fainting couch, public outbursts of hulk rage over nothing.

“Morgan’s YouTube channel is filled with first-hand accounts, typically filmed from the perspective of Morgan, of other confrontations he has found himself in. In his most recent video posted to his channel, Morgan confronts two 7/11 workers, who he claimed asked him about his height instead of greeting him like a normal customer.”

He claimed? No proof? Funny that. He seems to live for this stuff, which is hardly enviable.
Probably one of those guys who gets high bullying people. DARVO.
His claims meet the empirical criteria, going off on all women in a random shop.

Yes, cry, crybully. You walked into a shop and got ‘offended’.

Science, to the rescue!
“In a 2017 peer-reviewed open-access research study, Perpetrator Responses to Victim Confrontation: DARVO and Victim Self-Blame, Harsey, Zurbriggen, & Freyd reported that: “(1) DARVO was commonly used by individuals who were confronted; (2) women were more likely to be exposed to DARVO than men during confrontations; (3) the three components of DARVO were positively correlated, supporting the theoretical construction of DARVO; and (4) higher levels of exposure to DARVO during a confrontation were associated with increased perceptions of self-blame among the confronters. These results provide evidence for the existence of DARVO as a perpetrator strategy and establish a relationship between DARVO exposure and feelings of self-blame. Exploring DARVO aids in understanding how perpetrators are able to enforce victims’ silence through the mechanism of self-blame.”

“examined whether learning about DARVO could mitigate its effects on individuals’ perceptions of perpetrators and victims. DARVO-educated participants (compared with control) rated the perpetrator as less believable. While much more research is needed, these results suggest that DARVO is an effective strategy to discredit victims but that the power of the strategy can be mitigated by education.”

…like the “anti-racists” accusing everyone of racism while expressly moving to white countries to hate them.

Back to angry bagel man: (I think the term ‘manlet’ is cruel)
“Morgan reveals that he owns a cleaning company and that he is living in his car.”
He’s meeting the nomadic criteria for ASPD, at least.
“If I asked a girl how big her tits are, is that harassment?” Morgan asked the police officer trying to claim the two incidents are the same.’
Similar but not the same. Your height is not a sexualised thing. Height is not objectified. Fallacy of poor analogy.

‘Morgan pleaded with the police officers who arrived on the scene to do something, but the officer said there is nothing he can do over a “comment you don’t like.”’

Sorry, but I had to use that gif. Goes both ways, dunnit?

I’m getting strong SJW vibes from these guys – like fatties who don’t like to be told they’re fat, someone’s height, like their IQ, is numerical.

What he’s asking the officers to ‘enforce’ is Harrison Bergeron socialism, verbally then with impediments (so-called positive discrimination).

Censoring people from admitting biological difference won’t make them disappear.

“Morgan Continues His Reign of Confrontation, Filming Videos of Him Confronting Library Workers and People in a Bar”

Confrontation videos are left wing, it’s their victory lap for owning the legal system. Big Brother loves THEM.

“One of the workers insists that Morgan stops videotaping her as she threatens to get the police involved.”

Yeah, he gets off on this. Gamma or something else. Secret king vibes.

“The woman whom Morgan is videotaping claimed that her rights were being violated because she doesn’t want to be videotaped, but ultimately nothing comes of the situation besides another example of why Chris Morgan is the king of confrontation.”

In many places, situations and jurisdictions you can’t film, actually, (the uses of footage are also limited, no profit for instance) and I know that was a sneering reference to gammas, clever.
These guys have zero self-awareness (and possibly less empathy).

“In another video titled, “Fat f*ck at Grizzlies Bar in Bay Shore,” Morgan continues his documentation of height-fueled diatribes as he confronts a larger man in Jets jersey as he hurls obscenities towards the man who Morgan claims did him wrong.
“Ragging on my height all day, you fat f*ck,” Morgan yelled across the bar as the video begins. “All you girls for the big bullies.”

I figured this was just one incident, like a sane person would, until I looked into it but this guy’s obviously a serial bully (they go after both sexes but prefer one) and, from the bagel video, isn’t he rather curvy on the belly himself? He looked second trimester but it could’ve been the camera angle.
People in glass houses….

I wonder if he was this bitter and triggered before the divorce.

Does he think alpha = triggered?

Even a minor case of nagging men would be stressful enough to deal with. Narcissists test everything, though. They have predictable loops of ‘confrontation’ trying to get attention. When you know how they work (see Castalia House’s published works) it’s almost funny if it weren’t abusive to innocent bystanders.

“They don’t have a job, or a job as good as mine. They don’t have a car. They are more overweight… and they are judging ME?”
You can taste the entitlement. If he won’t accept his level, he can’t ignore the consequences of not accepting his level.
And for the millionth time, only gold diggers care about your job.

“he is considering pressing charges against the man who tackled him.” You told him to.

“After his divorce in 2007, Morgan seemed to hold onto a disdain towards women and men who are larger than him.”

So he is bitter about being a bachelor.
Okay, so?

It’s been twelve years. WTF.

Why is that meant to be the world’s problem? Cope. Get a therapist. Hell, get Peterson.

And that’s true clinical misanthropy, not just misogyny. Misanthropy clinically = ASPD.

Get leg lengthening surgery if it’s really height (it isn’t, pure cope for the personality).

“That’s why I have resentment towards women. I find them all to be stupid, gold-digging liars.”

…If they don’t want you when you make more money, how can they possibly be gold diggers?
Narcissists always lie.
And ALL?
Like, he can’t find a short woman on the planet.
I dunno, maybe it could be ….personality? Anger management is cheaper than a lawsuit, just sayin.

Angry people get addicted to it, neurochemically.

““I’m not stopping and the world is going to hear me. I want equality for everybody.””

Humans are never equal, we’re a species. There are many objective metrics on which we vary, ….height, for instance…

Atheist angry at God… again.

Is this why satyrs are short and angry at young women? Was it an ancient testimony to rage cope?

Could you imagine if this were a bitter, post-Wall divorced woman angry about being called fat?

It’s just a detail, don’t let it define you, bloody Hell.

180 response from the hypocrites, it would be. Imagine what this guy’s gonna be like when he gets older?

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