MeToo critics don’t get it

The more prosecutions, the better.
They’re oddly silent on this stuff. What a brave, brave man.

It sounds like they’re covering for rapists by calling all victims instantly liars.
Well, men and children have been raped, did they ‘ask for it’?
And the misogynists who claim that about white women and girls are EXACTLY like the social workers aiding and abetting Muslim sex slavery rings. It’s the same rhetoric!!!

Don’t be pro-pedo, don’t be pro-rape, don’t be anti-white. This should be easy.

It’s strange how these virulent, bitter misogynists pretend to be against all other degeneracy. No, they just want control of your women, in your country and family (look at their claims what they’d do in SHTF – literally steal your female children at gunpoint, aka they are pedos). They hide behind a screen pretending to be white to make white men feel like protecting us is pointless (the abuse tactic of instilling hopelessness in whites) and also because most of them (over 75%) are non-white (so hate us as a group) but feel entitled to rape white women. Do not fall for it.

They don’t call for the rape of non-white women, do they?

They don’t rail against the Muslims raping their own sons and daughters, do they?

They don’t want pedos and rapists with clear forensic evidence (or multiple cases) to be held accountable like adults and castrated or shot, do they?

What a coincidence.

Muh appeal to exception meets Muh dick.

Normal people want rapists executed, especially rapists of virgins. There’s also the hate crime element of targeting whites, women and especially Christians, as gangs do.

Normal people want to heavily punish the gangs who sell rape drugs and the people who drug/poison future rape victims.

Normal people think pedos and other sexual predators are subhuman and have no excuses to behave like animals.

The people who you naively think ‘get it’ just have no empathy and conscience for white people, starting with but not ending AT (as seen above) the female white population.

It’s slippery slope with these people. You allow them (and they are misogynists, but notably only anti-white misogynists – wake up) – if you allow them to praise rapists of women and little girls, they feel safer praising the rape of men and little boys some time later because most rapists will go for anything with a hole. That’s why they’re rapists. That’s why they get caught with animals and corpses.

Did Marilyn seduce the morgue workers? This ‘evil = woman’ rhetoric is Orthodox Jew and Muslim, it has no place among Christians. The hypoagency of the low IQ is evil. Pure evil.

I’ll believe Q isn’t full of shit when Clooney is locked up, ideally before his POTUS bid.

Official justice or mob justice. If the former fails…..

Sexual predators, like all predators, go to the path of least resistance, to the groups least protected. Whites must resist as one or we’re done for.

Why do you think Hollywood gets along eerily well, freaks of all stripes and perversions? Yet they hate white people? Why? What’s the missing logic here?

What aren’t you told?

Divide and conquer. If rape is okay to group A, then it’s okay to group B, then C, then D….

You’re on their list.

Brave New World style. Anyone who wants you must be sexually served. Weakening your ingroup loyalty to your women is the start. Alienated, the women become careerists, since the young men refuse to found families in the stability of marriage. They say we should ‘fight off’ rapists but know we lack the strength and hey, they banned guns! Why is rape in Europe a problem? Well, we have no guns! We can’t carry pepper spray!

Hollywood puts out misogynistic shit only to white men about white women:

Every time you hear an anti-woman joke, note the race of the speaker and the implied race of the woman he’s envisaging. It becomes horrifically obvious. ‘Lad culture’ tanked the birth rate, nuked it from orbit.

Yes, become a childless alcoholic, male Bridget Joneses’, you need a wife like a fish needs a bicycle!

We have ugly, fat middle-class men on stages in jeans and t-shirt as ‘comedians’ pretending to be regular, working-class ‘lads’ talking the same shit as the SJWs, ultimately. And they fall for it. They pay for it. The same three jokes: women are emotional, my stupid wife, I hate my kids.


Why don’t I jangle keys at you for an hour, it’s less insulting. Have you ever counted this? Watch any TV comedy special with one of these cuntmuffins. The same three anti-natal points again and again, overt propaganda.

Same stage as this shit:

He literally incites murder of white/ginger people to a room of white people and they laugh and clap like seals.


Shit joke 3: I hate my kids.


The feeling’s mutual because you’re a weak man.

They’re allowed on the stage because they’re the enemy. Al Murray was a character to mock you.

Shit jokes 1 & 2:

Mad Men was successful while Don Draper lived the 50s lifestyle but he literally left the perfect housewife. Wake up.

Why are gays recently complaining that there aren’t enough young men sexually available to them? Huh? And how young do they wanna go? Why is gay culture a cult of extreme youth?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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