Big Agriculture failing predictably

We warned you about the monoculture corn.

We warned you about the GMO dictatorship.

We warned you about the climate cooling down and the literal SUN.

Who’s the conspiracy theorist now?

Nobody’s laughing, of course.

I’m picturing a Canute figure shouting at the Sun to get hotter.

There have been white papers from my government hinting at this for years.

Nobody reads them, ‘cept me.

That’s from

Yes, I know what I’m talking about better than some rando fearmonger, thank you.

Reminder: I am telling you. Your politicians KNEW THIS.

page 26, 22 on the paper: “One way to balance the remaining global inequalities, caused by different speeds of development, is by migration from poor regions into wealthy ones. Most successful societies are multicultural, but, the state remains an important component of people’s identity.”

Very ‘heal the world’ innit? No traitor like a race traitor. They actually think they can control it all and reap the rewards, with a lower national IQ to boot. No wonder the economy stagnates. The Cultural Marxists have planned this. They will gladly import more mouths to feed then starve you, they will consider national resources ‘global’.

Proof screencap:

White genocide, plain and simple. inb4 Why haven’t the papers covered this?

“regulate the information environment” “collaborate to protect citizens”

From you? From the truth? 

“Uncontrolled illegal economic migration” – so legal is fine.

Multiple races in the white homeland (UK gov paper!) then they’re only loyal to the state teat.

Not The People, with a birthright to be here. People’s identity.

p45 “leading to water security concerns in the Alps, Andes and Central Asia.”

p48 or 44

p49 They want to replace your food.

So the rich still get to eat real steak.

p53 the new serfdom of Silicon Valley is rebranded as the ‘circular economy’

where you own NOTHING, comrade

I’ve known how much they hate us for – a while.


and before THAT

Yes, 2014.


“The US position as the world’s most indebted nation makes it vulnerable to stock market collapse, currency runs and economic crisis, as well as global currency manipulation.”


“A large city in a developing region (or a number of large cities in more than one region) may fail before 2035. The effects will be equivalent in character, if not in scale, to state failure, which city failure may, in turn, precipitate.”

It’s all right there, I’ve had the jump on all of you.


“This instability is likely to fuel extremist politics in some societies, possibly based on a beleaguered middle class, which may result in resurgent nationalism and authoritarianism.”

Here’s hoping.

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