Sin without forgiveness

Brilliant point, albeit put differently.

The SJW is destructive. This destruction of innocence, beauty and truth is of Biblical order.

The celebration of perversion, deviance, aggression and lies/delusion is Satanic.

Sin is temptation +weakness, on a personal level.

Forgiveness is from Christ, obviously they’d reject it with cultural marxist kafkatrapping.

Of course they would.

How they treat their fellow left opponents (because they’re not actually left, they’re anti-civilization) is how they want to treat all of us before we see what they are and treat them the same way. This is projection of how they believe they should be treated – old tribal banishment.

This is Marxist excommunication from the Party.

Let the fake Left eat the real Left – then WHO is left?

All your useful idiots are belong to us. You have to let them see the Marxist betrayal with their own eyes before they believe. Remember, ‘liberals get the bullet first’, they need to see this rhetoric in action with personal enaction from who they considered allies.

Enable your low time preference, you so-called conservathots.

What would Darwin do? Remember, their anti-evolution stance is our greatest ace, our predictions fare better.

If all we’re left to fight is the dregs of dysgenics, it’s an easy win. Shut up and let it happen. Strengthen your position. Stop trying to Captain Save a Ho this. You’re winning by doing nothing – enjoy it.

The MSM encourage your sudden reaction like a toxic IV. Don’t do it. Don’t feed the Beast. Disengage.

The past few years have been great for me. Vindication has cleared my skin, paid my bills and saved for my retirement. Times are sweet. But it isn’t enough that I should win, but that my nemesis suffers.

If you get involved, they have a third party to blame. Sit back and enjoy the show.

My sentiment on the tide against PC.

Diversity cannot guarantee obedience without threat. This is the next step.

Don’t be in the way trying to save the atheists.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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