High trust reee

Maybe they’ll love those pesky white conservatives when the non-white ones are chucking them off of buildings.

Call for anti-civilization policies (anti-homogeneity), live in that society. This is your reward now.

The best part? Nobody’s riding in to save you from your own stupidity because you

  1. said we can’t practice our religion in peace, no interference
  2. called us all Nazis for predicting this exact shit
  3. made it a crime to stick up for you, fellow white.

Enjoy your cultural vibrancy. This coldness from their countrymen truly shits up the Left. Knowing it’s just them and their imported shock troops, there’s no right wing patriotism willing to fight for them playing damsel. This isn’t WW2- stop larping as Jews. Well, you didn’t wanna be loyal, actually you spurned loyalty and nationalism so “We” owe you nothing.


Call their bluff and remind them of this when they complain about the natural outcome of their voted policies. Nationalism owes them nothing. There is no We anymore, that’s white supremacy, right?

In-group preference doesn’t include you.
If you ignore this, that’ll come next, the demands of how you’re expected to rescue them, don’t do it. They are not patriots, they are not countrymen, they don’t believe in country, nationalism or cultural sanctity. Let ’em burn.

Bathe in the tears of enrichment, kids.

Salty, salty tear soup.

It’s like the mixed race couple chimp-out murder stories – well, you knew SO much better, didn’t you?

I don’t care what your IQ is, you’re gullible and stupid. Survival is basic instinct.

Big-brained enlightened liberals. Take your Sharia like all the little girls for decades, you degenerate little shits. It’s your turn, no crying about the crocodile now!

You wanted to import Third World, nowhere to run now. Oh, won’t someone think of the property prices!

The Marxists want an excuse for an overt police state, martial law stylee.

Don’t be such a bigot, let the African disembowel you, you fucking Nazi.

Source: The DANK Meme Press

The civnat cucks will get it worst, though. Help me! No immigration is still a right! B-b-but look at Muh GDP! My wallet is a little fatter, save me! nooooo, don’t deport the waifu! I don’t wanna move

This is just the beginning, adjust now. They’re trying to manipulate you into a ‘rescue’.

The cucks of left or fake right stripe expect us to get in the firing line, to be the Noble Loser, taking out both of their enemy groups.

do not do that shit

no cucky rescues boo

Yeah all those people YOU wanted to import look a lot like YOUR problem, mate. I’ll be down the one surviving pub. You wanted ’em here, you got ’em. Leave the r-types to their own kind, you’re so much better, right?

No bailouts of you being conveniently thick. Playing dumb isn’t even cute when birds do it.

They wanted the right to tread on yours, give them 100% responsibility for whatever happens to them. It’s the least you can do.

<sounds of a window rising>

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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