I need Monopoly Communist Farming edition

Last one to die in famine wins!

This is totally going on a Christmas list (secondhand, obviously).

You’ve heard of Monopoly Socialist, now try…

Monopoly: Holodomor edition.

Notice the Left “knows” sex ratio invention information (citation needed, I smell Jewish bullshit) but NEVER gives us a breakdown by race or country?

Funny that!

Almost like the purpose is white-on-white division at a critical economic time!

Also, why is some Asia bitch lecturing me, a white woman? Asians steal IP, this is a reaction because Trump said so. They’re a huge reason women can’t get ahead in business. Asians are oppressing our economy. Nobody can compete with literal slavery.

Couldn’t they find non-vapid ones? Ooh, a beaker with brightly coloured fluids! Wow! Soldering! We don’t learn that aged twelve! Putting on a lab coat! Groundbreaking.

Well, I dunno about you shitlords but I’m inspired [1]. To puke.

“It’s important to imagine things that don’t exist yet”

~ slow sarcastic clap ~

Nobody has ever come up with this in the history of human existence. White bitches like Hypatia fucking tripped over their discoveries. No intention whatsoever. Thank you, smug little brown girl. Thank you.

[it’s like a deleted line from Idiocracy, cut for being too stupid, since you can literally imagine anything ever in any reality; that’s a fantasy, nothing to do with invention, ever]

This is literally female versions of Clock Boy.

“push the boundaries of what we think is possible” that’s physics, you are stealing an atheistkult meme about physics

-from about ten years ago, brilliant! Give her a Nobel for the pussy! You taught it words!

This is why Asians traffic their own daughters into slavery, there isn’t much going on between the ears to miss, is there?

You know what? With those delusions of grandeur toward benevolently ordering around white people in their own countries, I would sell you too. We really needed an Asian to come over here, move in and tell us how to invent shit. Thinking!?! Why didn’t we think of that? We could’ve called it Western philosophy!

Everyone knows da Vinci was Asian, right? (They’ve tried to claim this too).

B-b-b-but stereotypes are evil! But Asians are smarter than you whitey, accept it!

Accept their rule. Zuckerberg’s repeatedly miscarrying spy frau is a better Woman than you!

Asia’s low female birth rate per couple is wrongly praised, behold the result.

Princess syndrome is a disease, kill it before it breeds.

Actually, that would explain a lot about their infanticide.

“Back in the old days, women were in the kitchen” – first off, fuck you, I like my kitchen. My roast dinner would make you cry. Sexist whiny cunts. Note: they get the token white to say this bit, the Marxist false consciousness line. If you’re happy, why tear others down, bitches? Apparently it isn’t misogyny if they get an ugly Irish twat to say it. Not a looker among ’em, sure, STEM was your “choice”… right? That’s why the cunty attitude?

I’d be more inspired if they had other options. Clearly, even prostitution is out, an Epstein would reject them.

She sure dodged that hot redhead DNA bullet, didn’t she? What are the odds?

“now, women and girls are building things” – says the historical illiterate.

Those are American levels of ignorance.

Ada Lovelace: am I a joke to you?

Also, children build nothing. Stop making out like ‘girls’ can take on adults, this isn’t a fucking Spy Kids film.

ALL three of those things already exist. ALL three. aka NOT inventions, by any stretch of the imagination. Some have existed for centuries e.g. lead testing water. They say black people steal anything that isn’t nailed down but have you seen the literal cages on items in Asia? This shit is why. Re-writing white history, fuck off and be useful in Asia then.

Send us a postcard when your genitals are mutilated and you’re married to a cousin.

Somewhere, a Hollywood pedo is missing a hooker.

Asia is shrieking because they know the move to de-globalization will crush them, Asians can’t invent, they were using stone age technology for farming when we started the Industrial Revolution. Don’t mention that, though! Might trigger the fanbase. Uncabob was right (RIP), Magic White Man won’t bail them out, finally. Each race needs self-sufficiency. It’s been trendy for years to mock how primitive Africa is but Asia is statistically and historically worse? Far as I know, Africans aren’t brushing their teeth with water fresh from a corpse-strewn River. They don’t dig up their relatives every year and march them around like a sick puppet show. They hide their cannibals with some shame, rather than parade them around to CNN.

But there’s nothing wrong with men “upping their game” Sargon. It’s called capitalism.

If you’re really threatened as a sex by two Asian tweens and a token white (with a race traitor dad)….

Sargon why are you threatened by a fucking board game?

And one invented by a bird?

EVENTUALLY they were gonna do this. But they’re trying to re-write that white woman out of history.

They don’t show her face, do they? Huh. Funny that!

There’s a monopoly theme like, every week.

After bitching how snowflakey the socialists are, you really give a shit? It’s a game.

Bloody hell.

Yes, it’s patronising.

No, it won’t change anything. Obviously. Look at the advert.

You really think they’re funding all-white families, really?

Yet more “positive discrimination” money from white people to Asians, who are actually making more money in this country than the native whites, according to the class data of the last census.

“female players get more money” so it isn’t about inventors, is it?

Those get investment. Why don’t female investors invest in more women?

Nah, don’t bother to research, blame women for the clearly patronising male board decisions.


The nose ((((knows.)))) They want to encourage their next crop of fiat serfs, the Asians.

The woke outrage to these ads is free PR – stop fucking talking about it.

Smother them with a spiral of silence.


Female supremacy rhetoric ree, gender war propaganda.

Male supremacy rhetoric ree, controlled ops. Anti-natal.

It’s about white society, ya idjit. Invest in our people.

1 The guys who claim I go easy on women are hilariously mistaken. It’s just that girls and women are rarely so vocally dense.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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