That’s right

let the hate flow through you.


For those who haven’t seen.

But I kinda got there first.

Epic troll, boys.
Exceptional application of real intersectionalism, meme intersectionality.

Smash their false beliefs against one another, see what survives.

Let them side with FGM, rape gangs, patriarchy. Title: To kill an SJW.

Next up, maybe gays and fag hags treating them like their kids?
It worked with Asian sidekick.

Cover up in shame =/= celebration of the body god gave you, Islam is really an anti-religion, divinely excused oppression, Christianity tells the man not to be a lecher. He controls his eyes, no Lilith archetype borrowed (or given, in the theory how the Jews invented Islam) justifying abuse of the attractive, no wonder their women are so ugly.

Maybe somebody could shop Kylie Jenner in a burka.
“End the thot, cover the bot”.

or just

SOON and some crazy eyes.

hell, just a headscarf on this woman

with “celebrate your oppression” like 50s memes but Muslim

Maybe handmaid’s tale as a tale of Muslim polygamy?
Ooooh, that’d be a spicy meme.

They love that show.

Maybe something about Barbary white slavery, comparisons and rape gang = modern Barbary?

It’s true, Rotherham is a slavery location. Rape gang is the new ‘trafficking’* is the new human slavery, name the Beast.

*Moving them is unnecessary.

Maybe thots in handcuffs or light restraints and the arabic for Islam, as in to submit? Subtle.

For most overt, quoting the Koran to SJWs instead of the Bible? The Talmud is spicier though.

According to Judaism, no pedos if they’re over three. So was Epstein not guilty?

Aboda Zarah 37a, go look.

Folio 37a
for inasmuch as he is then capable of the sexual act he likewise defiles by emission. Rabina said: It is therefore to be concluded that a heathen girl [communicates defilement]
from the age of three years and one day, for inasmuch as she is then capable of the sexual act she likewise defiles by a flux. This is obvious! — You might argue that he is at an age when he knows to persuade [a female] but she is not at an age when she knows to persuade [a male, and consequently although she is technically capable of the sexual act, she does not cause defilement until she is nine years and one day old]. Hence he informs us [that she communicates defilement at the earlier age].

“she is then capable of the sexual act”

“This is obvious!”

“the prohibition of intercourse with Gentiles(36).”

rape, that’s …rape


Misogynists: “but muh men have needs”!

1. like women don’t?
2. you have hands

but nice hypoagency, pedos.

The more I read, the more I understand God’s mercy because Jesus will probably return riding on a meteor like that cowboy guy on the nuke.

It’d make sense if the Great Flood were caused by a distant meteor, like a lesser K/T event in the ocean.

The thing they have in common is enslaving and raping white women, really. Not breeding, exactly, but certainly oppressing. I bet most Muslims have no idea their religion was invented by the Jews to distract the Christians. Things match up, like the 9yo bit.

Or maybe pointing out to the Left that the Muslims they consider pets won’t ever de-convert and abandon their family?
“You won’t deprogram me, racist white guys”.
The possibilities.

“The white supremacy of liberal media”
and how all the popular, well-respected people at the Guardian have ONE thing in common.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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