Options for Boris

decide to remodel and upgrade all the HOC chairs, with nowhere to sit technically nobody is an MP, completion date is slated as 5th of November
fill the chamber with foam from a child’s birthday party, Speaker can’t see anyone and is legally impotent
park a tank at each entrance, nobody can enter but it’s legal and you lost the bloody keys
fill the house with pigs about a week beforehand, forcing MPs to wade through shit on camera
trot Queenie out to sit in the chamber (legal) and when they try to walk back in early she immediately fires the Speaker and tells them all to bog off
rule the Supreme Court in contempt of the monarchy and demolish the whole thing because Blair put them there
The Queen simply makes a one-sentence statement opposing her gaslighting by saying she wasn’t lied to. They can do nothing, she is sovereign.
The Queen can kill the lying ruling bitch in public and it technically isn’t murder, she challenges the old Boomer bitch to a duel. It’s livestreamed. “I anoint thee… deceased”. #KillBillmusicplays
Find asbestos again and refuse to let humans into Parliament until it’s been properly cleaned.
Play death metal the entire time they want to sit. I suggest perhaps Slayer’s Bloodline.

Payback also works. Better to loop one song for maximum chaos.
The Queen rules the EU an Empire based on the doctrine of supremacy and rejects it based on her own sovereignty plus the referendum mandate.
Deport Gina “Miller” on any grounds, to see what happens.
Call for an election now, date of 5th November, while wearing a V for Vendetta costume.

This is all legal and would work.

In the current year.

“fuck you and your progress” in-deed

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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