The next pandemic

All the recent MSM articles and hints in the Guardian about a virus.

This is the plan.

Plain sight. Outbreak of NWO.

…Don’t drink the fucking water.

  1. Why tax cars into oblivion, forcing everyone on the Tube?
  2. Why build houses so close together they catch fire? How far can a virus travel? Some buildings in London you cannot develop until they are destroyed, they are worth more burnt to a crisp. That was the rationale for WW2 too. You buy it cheap with no planning permission and then it skyrockets in value once the insurance must be unfortunately claimed.
  3. GMO labelling. Viruses affect livestock, a fine excuse to ban meat and get us all on slave diets, eh, Soros?

Viruses can even be dropped into very white houses. They run tours.

Anonymous was an …interesting inversion.

A mirror held up to a mirror. Shows how hollow and empty the evil is, philosophically.

Satan creates nothing, he imitates, copies and inverts. Ape of Thoth. The best thing is use their tactics against them, as their own books advise. [Rules for Radicals] Because the only people trying to control human agency, are the Satanists gaslighting you it’s somebody else. Never them.

A digital rebellion long before Gamergate or Brexit…. People over self-styled “Elite” PC NWO.

Back when I was in school, actually. Computers were rarer, good ones.

For inciting rebellions, Satan sure doesn’t like it up ‘im.

The web of control (spider) becomes free information and cooperation from people who reject these would-be rulers and associated despots.

A great way to beat “cancel culture”… I am Spartacus.

If only Anonymous had gone quiet to hack various celebrity’s twitter feeds.

Actually, how many of them DON’T have it at this point?

Among other inversions, tarnishing a Christian’s name to harm (sorry, “heal”) the world.

The red is a nice touch. Top line is obviously horns, hence the curvature.

Tech Insider - Business Insider

Ownership. If you want ear cancer:

“God’s” creation, so misunderstood.

Which “god” do you think is “misunderstood”?

“Keeper of the Key… one day everyone will believe”.


“People like to say that we’re insane” [scream].


He designed jewelry before.


As I’ve told you before, it’s the links and the metal choices there that are genuinely occult, it’s an amulet. I wonder if it’s filled with anything.

And the one-eye pose, she knows what it is, the whore.

“wards off the evil eye or evil… as a kind of mascot, often worn around the neck, especially in the form of jewelry”

A logo may provide the same function.

“made from found natural objects….. bones…. religious symbols are also popular amulets”

There are infinity charms on that chain…

“iron is universally believed to guard against demons and witches” they never use it

Why did the world switch from iron bullets to lead?

If we flip the horns….

A tad TOO obvious, even for them.

“long to never die…. upload your mind

come on you’re not even alive

These people are sick but not in a sad way.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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