Good astrology for Brexit

This’ll be interesting.

I don’t believe in anything until I see it at work.

But the timing of the 31st deadline is promising.

I wonder if someone in the system did that deliberately.

It is logical the planets might also influence us more (gravity, sorry) with weakening magnetosphere of the GSM at play, otherwise I wouldn’t be looking so hard at natural disasters. EMP is a possibility, from CME, aka solar flare. Hoping we miss Apophis as an event but that’s on the table in ten years. The orbit info to understand asteroids in astronomy is just renamed astrology. If you wanna get into the maths of it, it isn’t that deep, astronomers pretend. Just look for orbit shape of a body around a sun and its wobble.

I think that Asian swine disease problem might get worse, all planetary stuff aside.

GMO pigs they encouraged have less fat aka they’re less hardy to early frost.

If the pigs get sick, what about the people?

Ebola’s been quiet. Ebola virus.

This is pretty funny:

If you have a dark humour like me.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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