Greta too white to signal

Oh no! Who could’ve possibly planted that idea that the pigtails girl looks like a Nazi propaganda piece?

And whitey isn’t to be trusted. No such thing as a goodwhite, comrades!

What a terrible terrible person …who should feel very bad.

For protecting a mentally ill puppet CHILD. What a monster.

Ostracize the whites, Marxists. skip ahead in the plan, you must!

They chose her for attention to turn them eventually against her whiteness anyway, once she was older.

Doing it prematurely is actually good for her and lets us skip that intervening time in their plans, if this can be done often enough, they’ll have 1-2, maybe 3 years TOPS before everyone believes in the stuff we’ve seen. Because it’s forced out into the open, sunlight is the best disinfectant. For proof of this concept, it’s three years since Brexit. Attitudes to the EU then vs. now.

That was the pilot test. You bitches will all agree with me eventually, I won’t give you another choice.

End the cheerleader effect taking up the useful middle and force-quit their Marxist tactics with what I call mini-accelerationism.


Hey, Greta would have to fight for her right to be white eventually.

If your enemy is literally a simpleton, just encourage them.

Because IQ isn’t “real”**, they won’t hurt their own electoral odds at ALL.*

It’s a good week.

Overton does the cha-cha sliiiiide.

In good time for the 2020-21 timeline.

No pesky white celebrities annoying me this time, flipping low-info voters.

*Is Goldsmith running again?

** [Economy is a function of national IQ]

Presently, the SJW hordes imagine the entirety of cancel culture accounts are acting in good PC faith.

Let them think that.

The trick to sliding Overton smoothly and briskly is to push a little wedge in the opposite direction first.

Maybe we should set up Christian slaughterhouses that blast the Lord’s prayer 24/7 and sell it without a label.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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