The wages of sin are death

You’re not allowed to talk about it.

I can’t think of anything worse than a cruise ship full of naked, horny Boomers.

Who still think they’re It and a bag of chips. Youth culture is cancer. The body ages but the brain remains the same…. that’s called retardation, kids!

“The bar will inevitably draw its fairshare of gawkers and despite popular opinion, millennials are less likely to strip down than their baby boomer counterparts.”

Duh. Have some fucking DIGNITY.

And what does their Biblical whoredom, get them?

And yes, it’s the men pulling a Hemingway.

Suicide rates higher among baby boomer men, study finds

The women are disgusted at first with the manwhores and quietly retract (women are quiet in disgust but do have far higher sexual disgust than men, in studies) but by the time the man realises he ruined himself and even his fellow man doesn’t respect him, it’s too late.

Like the two paths pre-internet meme of a godly boy and a degenerate one. Life of vice, pay the price.

Player “burnout” is just the start.

Suicide is aka self-murder.

And atemporal, no blaming modern trends.
‘The trend goes back a long way. “As long as we’ve been recording it, we’ve seen this disparity,”
“Suicide is a hugely sensitive, complex issue with a tangled multitude of causes – and the very nature of a death by suicide means we can never fully know the reasons behind it.”
Bullshit. Kill off the white man. That’s the aim.
Men report a higher count. No, they’re not making it up, already factored in is something called a “lie scale”, I’ve taken surveys. Real ones. The maths is baked in. Even when totally anonymous with no benefit to number inflation, male count is always higher, because they’re sleeping with a smaller proportion of women.

Which niche groups have both factors?

Why Older Gay Men Are Attempting Suicide at a Higher Rate


Is this an ageless finding?
“Robin Williams’ suicide may not have been that surprising: Baby Boomer men are 60 percent more likely to take their own life than their fathers’ generation, according to a Rutgers University sociologist.”

I wonder why the ‘free love’ generation ends up hating themselves. Mystery, that one.

“The trend is particularly alarming because middle age is typically a time when suicide rates decline before rising again in old age.”
It’s that strong of a generational change, I wonder why. What makes Boomers culturally distinct?

“The rise we’ve seen in suicide rates since 1999 among boomers while in their 40s and 50s is unusual,” Phillips said. Boomer men are now 60 percent more likely to take their own lives then men their age who were born in the 1930s — or roughly men of their fathers’ generation.

“We’re in a position now where suicide rates for middle-aged people are higher than those for the elderly,” she said. “That hasn’t happened before, at least not in the last century.”

I guess the herpes could’ve spread to their brain (a real thing).

“Their disinclination to go to church appears to be permanent.”
Sure this has NO effect on high-risk behaviour, don’t look into it. Not like it’s your job.

Let it happen. Enjoy the show. The freak show.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. That’s why I like DATA.

Propaganda and Hollywood

The only Harry Potter film that admitted to making any money was literally about a terror cell pretending that killing the white guy was freedom fighting.

Most of the shit the elders of Millennials bitch about in that generation is priming from Harry Potter, which they bought us. It isn’t a kid’s fault they identify with fun magic bullshit because their parents statistically emotionally abandoned them and the house system gives a sense of family but also ‘school’ community over national and oddly globalist competition between ‘houses’ (typified and highlighted in GOF) which all have innate ‘abilities’ (“cultural” differences*), that magically get along and have the same goals.. the magical thinking of Communist resources was also implanted. …But they kept Christmas because consumerism, merch and to make it less obvious.

*The noticing thing has to be channeled SOMEWHERE. Also the Everyone is Equal conclusion like some abilities aren’t weaknesses or just… mediocre humanity. Liking food and being a good friend is just average white bitch bullshit, Hufflepuff!

If Black Pilled attacks the sacred cow of the “Everyone is Hitler/Voldemort crowd”, it’s indefensible.

You could do a series. The triggering would be so immense, the Guardian would be forced to comment.

The Left is repeatedly exploiting their construction of a quantum child – whether a person below eighteen is a “child” for pearl-clutching purposes depends entirely on whether a pedophile was involved. If a pedophile can be seen, they were “very mature for their age”.

In the last book/film, everyone makes a big deal about how Dumbledore practically raised Harry like a tiny magic atomic suicide bomb. Leaving him with the Dursleys (a “mystery” in fandom) gave him a sense of victimhood and oppression, it’s painfully obvious viewing as an adult if your IQ registers above the level of a gnat.

Like the military, break them down to build them up. Now he hates the nuclear white family.

5th column or 7 Satanic pillars of whiteness? Why are the “horcruxes” culturally important historical items? Priming: destroy your history.

Why aren’t they based on selling your soul to the devil? They don’t want you to believe in him, the white man is the devil stand-in, complete with red eyes. Watch Voldemort’s monologues with no context, he’s mocking the fact Dumbledore’s hiding behind a child. Blatantly true. This FB series is really a prequel about him without making him interesting, the narrative has shifted where white men aren’t allowed to be intelligent or charismatic.

You never hear Voldemort’s perspective, not once in all those books, because his character is logical and it’d be more persuasive… plus Jo is a shit writer who ripped off multiple scenes in the Worst Witch but genderbent the main out of sexism to sell books for PC shekels.

Harry Potter is a religion replacement, subverting national icons of old Empire strength e.g. boarding school, medieval Christian decor, it even pushes multicultural “dating” and out-breeding for vague comments about magical ‘strength’ (curiously eugenic vigour argument) again and again and again, to the point old fans are now feeling vaguely disgusted (Cursed Child’s fan reception was a rejection of all this mixed race bullshit). It internationally invites non-Anglos to culturally appropriate our symbols as ‘fandom’. It’s common to hear such bullshit statements from foreigners living in England, (who moved BECAUSE of HP) who genuinely try to claim socially that they’re “British”… because they drink tea…. that’s the level. That’s how stupid they/they think we are. That’s what they think our culture amounts to… signalling.

The werewolf cage

I’ve heard of those.

Lead in the metal would seal it. Werewolves hate silver the metal but also lead, metal colour.

Some tombs had locks on the inside, could’ve been vampires or more likely occult rituals involving blood (the Freemasons fixate on keys).

Mediums would also chain themselves at particular lengths to avoid hurting anyone while possessed.

Obviously most possessed people do not do this, but a medium can force them out as well.

Happy Halloween.

Riches v Wealth

Most of my behaviours are old money even if I’m not (at least not by inheritance).

It’s funny because I can look incredibly poor (or be poor, who isn’t nowadays) but actually be doing okay, while you look at a lot of conspicuous middle-class habits and they try to “look expensive” or “seem affluent” and… for what?

There’s no security in it.

Wearing battered looking clothes is normal. There’s a newness bias in people who couldn’t access something before – the shiniest car, the trophy with the biggest tits, but…. why?

If you feel emptier for having that thing, why bother?

I buy most of my shoes secondhand* because I hate breaking them in. For a common example. I am not paying two grand for shoes (long leather boots, easily two) that look trashy and feel like foot binding. Does it fit is the first consideration, like whether a car’s a runner.

I happened to read recently the Queen also has her shoes broken in for her so what’s the bloody purpose of new new new? It must be a GDP incentive. How much of our lives is wasted working for things the powerful “nudge” us into doing?

*exception Merrell
Rec. the Moab 2 8″ Waterproof Tactical Combat Boots. Zero regrets, ankle support is amazing.

I think of those women who scoff at an emergency fund but have a fleet of candles that all smell the same. They still ram their “new acquisition” under my nose waiting for the obligatory female approval and assurances of how it “totally” smells different than the other four hundred and a bit like a cookie. Go to a department store and smell them for free, some of these silly women actually have a “candle budget”. At that point, make your own. Get an oil burner and use baking vanilla if you want the cookie smell for cheap. This isn’t hard. A shred of discernment and logic… not that men are better. Far from it. They buy bigger ticket items. A guy with no family doesn’t need a house. STAHP.

We’re conditioned as kids in-between cartoons to buy buy buy and it’s a steeping that’s beginning to grate on the generations that’ll never retire.

“Nudge” as a book is more about encouraging false faith in the system. I’ve read government papers admitting they use that book.

Debtor’s prisons are good, but the Jews don’t like the idea of being thrown in them, themselves. Think about it: they have 20, they “loan” 80 – that is fraud and they are in debt, (the most, out of everyone) that’s their MO thrown clean out the window and they’ll move out of any country that merely hints at bringing those in. Since their MO also relies on easy travel and escape like parasite tourism but financially.

Debtor’s prisons protect the individual (the system doesn’t need usury, it’s the stick over the carrot since people will always wanna borrow) and as an alternative, it’s anti-collectivist. The system now is pro-collectivist since most voters can squander dwindling production via forms of inflation. Debtor’s prisons are pro-individualism and this is why Europe was strongest when we had them because think about it – it’s a prison for the low IQ (who can’t do maths) and white collar psychopathic (their relatives don’t want them back, why should society?).

It’s also a eugenic force for that reason, because they’re not reproducing. How many welfare kangs would there be in America with a debtor’s prison system? Purely for child support. Vasectomy rates among the slutty would soar. We’ll have to bring them back eventually although there are council tax stories banging up** old ladies here so…. maybe just expand it. To the socialists. Two birds, one stone: they vote in gibs so they don’t have to take out personal loans and be personally responsible. Cut off that avenue.

Socialists only want to give from one pocket while taking from both of yours.

**The American use of “bang” reads…. immoral to us since it’s about slamming the hard metal prison door on someone. Nobody wants to be banged.

So if you want to fix the dysgenic situation of America, I’m just pointing out that there are non-lethal means to do so. Unlike framing for a crime, going into large debt for stupid “I wanna open a cafe” bullshit is a choice so it’s totally fair. There is more confidence in the currency when the value is taken seriously.

Better to hold the total morons accountable, the insipid “I’ll never use maths as an adult” ilk, than drain the upstanding population like a leech to fund them. Narcissists never learn unless punished. Stop the idiot bail-outs.

You’re either on the side of fair or entitled. No free rides, get off the train. They can even work from within prison now online so there’s no excuse. Stealing takes away time from someone else’s life, it’s just and fitting. Micro-murder should result in a time-out from the bread and circus of society.

Prices don’t reflect value BECAUSE of the people who belong in debtor’s prison. You pay for them.

The best portrayal of the psychotic Joker

They seem normal, even smooth at first. Good fluency, can seem smart from that. Then, little things seem off or you question whether they really just did something because it’s so…. odd or wrong. Eventually that facile quality rises to the top and they seem fickle and volatile in the way they switch. Dangerously. Bit like a gator when you only see the nose, you know the rest is down there, waiting.

Yes, I have met people like this. I can spot the nose.

That right there is REAL cosplay, THAT is ART.