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A new study has found slim to nonexistent evidence for apocalyptic warnings about red meat consumption causing cancer, and the scientific establishment hell-bent on turning humanity vegan for environment’s sake is now outraged.
A team of 14 researchers from seven countries looked at over 130 articles and a dozen randomized trials, concluding that evidence linking the consumption of red and processed meat to cancer, heart disease, and mortality was of low quality and unreliable. Their findings were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a publication of the American College of Physicians, last week – to howls of protest from the scientific and nutritional establishment.

Hypothetical outrage.

The question here is whether I can be forced to do something and to say something that goes deeply against my conscience.

There’s no academic reason for Labour’s war on independent schools.

First sentence, pure bullshit.

With all the rape and hazing allegations on boarding schools, I for one would like a deep inquiry.

Maybe not balls deep but audit deep.

The Labour Party would have you believe that independent schools are all Eton and Harrow, a setting for upper-class toffs to gain huge advantages denied to others. Like all caricatured hate-figures in politics, it’s a nonsense created by those who have altogether different motives

HBD says no. They do have intergenerational advantage thanks to their SES.

meaning they don’t get in purely on merit, logically

their parents pay for the privilege to get better education than state school counterparts but…. technically they all take the same exams? Isn’t that cheating? The input is biased. As a test, it fails if one kid has a good teacher and stable home life and the other has a teacher with the IQ of a turnip yacking on about climate change and a shitty diet literally damaging their brain because dad ran off and mum’s poor.

Why don’t the “independent school” people just want to replace the whole corrupt leg-up system with one IQ test everyone does?

Because they couldn’t buy their way in our out of it.

They want the papers, they seek credentialism, or their kids would regress to their own mean.

Credentialism is often a corruption of meritocracy.

Before being an MEP, I’d been on the management team of an independent Christian school. We focused our efforts on working-class families, children who’d fallen foul of the cracks in the state education system. We worked with children who had been terrified to go to school, with children of exceptional ability who hadn’t been challenged in the state sector, children who’d been badly bullied in the state system, children who simply needed more individual attention – or a smaller, less daunting environment – than could be found anywhere else.

Category error.

Or the students who were supposed to be just average, or below average, when they came to us – yet did so well that they were able to sit their examinations a year or two early.


This is really an argument for funding the poor natives, and against classism, innit blud?

But their parents failed them first, so giving other kids a leg up because of their parents is also unfair.

That way leads to corruption and nepotism and companies run into the gr-….ound?

The state sector is just not set up to meet those particular needs. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all education: at best, it’s one-size-fits-most.

Bullshit, it’s called reform.

How teachers to their own lofty standards.

If there were a genuine academic reason for seeking to abolish the best schools in the country, then we might believe that Labour’s policy could come from a well-meaning, if misguided, motive. There is no such reason.

Their parents wrote the laws to introduce changes to the curriculum, they can bloody live by them.

If over 600,000 children currently taught in independent schools were to join the creaking-at-the-seam state education system, who would teach them?

Strawman very padded, very hard.

Shit, god forbid we train people in this country.

Many teachers at independent schools would not transfer to the state system;

fearmongering, catastrophizing

also holding to ransom the public who pays them for various things

they might retire,


or teach overseas,


or change careers.

get a real job?


At a cost of roughly £6,000 per pupil, we’re talking something in the order of £3.6 billion that the state would have to find every year.

Their parents can spend it doing up the schools all the plebs must attend.

Let’s put this into context: Would you be happy to pay an extra penny in the pound on income tax in order to abolish independent schools in the UK?

Well “you can’t put a price on a good education” old bean.

And most of the people sending their groin fruit are the ones paying those taxes.

The reality is that destroying this sector would increase taxes, and accomplish absolutely nothing.

But you just said they needed time and attention.

So you were lying?

 If anything, my figures are an underestimate:

imaginary figures always are

there would be capital costs in acquiring new teaching locations, and in training a large number of new (inexperienced) teachers.


The locations exist, it’s called the country.

If they don’t want to invest in this country, they’re free to leave.

Why do you want to let the children of rich corrupt foreigners gain an advantage owed to the native kin? That their ancestors paid and died into the system as contribution?

As per the Supreme Court ruling in the prorogation case, it would be of course be illegal for Labour to confiscate the land owned by independent schools to pay for their policy.

You don’t need to confiscate a school… to turn it into a school.

Is that it? It that the best you’ve got?

Most independent schools offer a number of scholarships each year to children from the poorest backgrounds

Eton accepts zero girls… regardless of ability. Their parents wrote the Equality Act, time to implement the meritocracy.

 a chance for them to experience a quality of education that they could never hope to receive in the state system.

The whole point is that they’re absorbed into the state system to raise the latter.

I’m not going to rehash the tired old arguments about the hypocrisy of Labour politicians sending their children to independent schools, then seeking to abolish those same schools.

Not hypocrisy, for once.

You wanted white male old boy’s club institutions on the chopping block.

Well, here we are, old man.

What’s worst is that it’s a policy that cannot be justified based upon any economic case, nor is any educational advantage suggested as a result.

Most of their foreign students are treated better than the average countryman. That is unethical.

The economy is stagnating because people like you refuse to fund our own people.

Go work in Asia if you want. You’re a Christian, I’m sure you’ll come back!

When a policy cannot be justified on any objective grounds, the only alternative is that the intention is a purist political ideology.

Denial, is it?

No objective reasons, huh? None? Any?

Either it is the standard far-left approach, suggesting that the state should have sole responsibility for the education of children.

Didn’t the MP parents sign that in?

Or, alternatively, it’s pure envy, a hatred of success – and the usual ‘privilege’ mindset, where politicians disavow their own backgrounds.

Helping poor white kids because they hate poor white kids? Right-ho.

Either way, they seek to spend billions fighting a non-existent problem whilst ignoring far more pressing issues in education.

Non-existent when you said near the top these kids exist.

And can be helped.

But just don’t? Because of a classist luck of the draw? Help the psychopathic (genetic) spawn of rich, anti-white foreigners? Let them befriend our future politicians, who’ll draft laws their own spawn are immune from!

Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Doesn’t Eton accept Muslims but reject white girls? …How is that righteous?

Written by a former MEP, typical.

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