Delusions of the entitled


White man isn’t the victim. His people founded that society.

If only certain people pushed to get this film made.

With all the morbid aspects of the character, a mirror to clown world.

If only.

Psychotic delusions of the guy who thinks he knows how to rule the world, but can’t master himself.

That’d be a fun film to make.

What happens after anarchy?

You could’ve been King, Arthur.

[Especially if his father were a deadbeat billionaire.]

His anger is directed OUT to change society, and thusly, he rages in vain.


If only he directed his rage to spite them with his success. I mean, technically he was successful in gaining a life purpose, by tearing down the old and broken.

Bruce has a silver spoon, the dichotomy is classism, always has been. Again, they’re scared of the word.

If your very plutocratic society will enable any delusion of grandiosity (coughs Silicon Valley) over solving real problems then no wonder you get credit as Justice instead of Chaos. Batman gets credit for beating up the poor guys working for the rich assholes like him to eat. Here’s one for you, Bruce: beat up their bosses! Not the guys trying to provide for their families since you outsourced everything to AI and China?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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