Re-writing history, again?


What a waste.

I don’t wanna watch noble savage martial artist and plucky suffragette, fuck off.

[Those roles replacing the father and mother, respectively. I see your propaganda.]

The gormless white guy stands there, gawping.


That diverse hegemony meeting table took the biscuit, sod off. UN bollocks.

Even coronation London wasn’t diverse you bloody liars.

I bet all the bloody humour is wink-nudge Current Year cringefest and the men make tea for the woman in supplication while calling the negro black instead. Like that changes a fucking thing. The costumes are shit, main way you can tell the attempt at historical accuracy that would’ve made the premise interesting is false.

They won’t even tell you how the Russian “revolutionaries” were 1. in the wrong, 2. evil and 3. Bolshevik Jews.

You can tell they butchered a good story about master and apprentice (early Star Wars) by lending all the apprentice’s character traits to fucking side quest NPCs.

They keep doing the same script bullshit.

During the credits do they sing the Coca Cola song or Tomorrow Belongs to Me?

Do they call the white guy racist, a word that didn’t exist?

Could they at least have made Gemma look feminine? She looks so butch I’m repulsed. She was a good actress until she made everything about her vag. We get it, you don’t want to sleep around, but you wanna be in Hollywood so…. pick one.

One response to “Re-writing history, again?

  1. If you want a different perspective on the Russian Revolution issue (in a country that had a 14% literacy rate for white Russians, 50% for Russian Jews, you can tell that is clearly unfair), try Israel Shamir’s ‘Red Zog.’ You might also like Kerry Bolton on Stalin or what Stalin thought of the Rootless Cosmopolitans.

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