Snippets of unwritten posts

Deport immigrants to save on carbon emissions.
Somebody could run the numbers.

By supporting Planned Parenthood, no Democrat will win ever again.
Let them abort their electoral advantage.

The white suicide rate is rookie numbers, more guilt is needed to erase the civilized race. This could never backfire.

The pace of innovation hasn’t slowed, it’s diversified.

As in life, diversification of portfolios spreads the risk in many ways you can’t predict.

Factory workers don’t need school, they need Youtube videos.

In a civil war, you’d fight against people you pay taxes for.

Quality is for Patriarchy.

We have rape gangs, we had lynch mobs.

Violence doesn’t solve problems but it does prevent them from getting worse.

Demographics cost money.

Teachers must learn that you can have abortions or retirement payments but not both.

Hyphen citizens are Trojans.

Debt is a ponzi and the bank wins.

Nobody says we live in the best of times anymore and nobody wants to make it so.

A man who praises the enemy is the enemy.

The smartest way for a man to abandon his children is careerism. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

If men stopped buying stupid bullshit, maybe they could afford to get married.

Married men live longer because they have something to live for.

Men who hate single mothers never ask who created both conditions.

The people who obsess over lust have never been loved.

Your “good one” is laughing at your gullibility. Celebrate your replacement.

We call the mentally slow retarded and the physically slow conservative.

Everyone wants standards until they have to get off their arse.

Children don’t go to school to socialise, they talk to their siblings.

Men who visit hookers think they’re good in bed and really attractive. Idiots who attend school think they’re smart, and the teacher really thinks they have potential.

If you don’t want to improve your own life, why do you care about other’s?

It is not your place to verbally abuse others for sins you have also indulged. Also, verbal abuse of your enemy is an SJW strategy. It doesn’t work.

You can’t have porn culture and expect Victorian values. That isn’t how this works.

Vice was pushed underground to be closer to hell where it belongs.

You may hate letting them in for practical reasons but getting them out will be far more painful, I assure you.

Property developers for open borders.

There are too many gumballs for this island jar.

Keynesian economics is the subtle science of trashing your sandcastle so you have a reason to build another one.

Communism is the shrewd observation that if the leech takes all the blood, they become the host. They do not account for other leeches.

If you don’t choose to be homosexual, why do they want to teach kids about it?

State schools are political church.

The environmental crisis is the lily-white area any liberal lives, getting a little too brown.

Green issues are for green people.

The ice caps do keep melting, at the same rate as they keep re-freezing. This is also true of satellite photos of Mars. Pandas are fine but polar bears are being miscegenated out of existence.

White people will preserve a rare bird but not their grandchild.

If nobody wants to have kids with you, having no kids isn’t a choice.

What happens to “players” after the age of fifty? They discover they played themselves, at the end of a gun.

Women live longer unmarried because they aren’t drained by asking the same stupid questions everyday.

If IQ isn’t real, why can’t you score high?

One way to reduce the number of false accusations is to permit high sales of pepper spray.

The solution to adultery is ownership tattoos.

Replacement level is about IQ, not cogs.

Culture is the thing you’ll miss when it’s gone.

We have the recipes, the cooks can be deported.

Robo-teachers, robo-chefs, any time you can replace a job with a brainless soul-less thing, it veers left-wing.

Communism is developing on farmland then blaming capitalism for your famine.

Socialism is your highway robber insisting you smile.

Kings can’t sell their country but real estate agents do.

Catcalling or hollering is what baboons do during mating season.

Men are created equally convinced of their own superiority. Most men are wrong.

If you think women are the weaker sex, you can’t threaten them.

Treating women with respect isn’t cucking, cucking is treating women without respect.

Entitlement is a baby’s mentality in an adult’s body. Gimme gimme gimme!

The people who don’t know what a standard deviation is are the problem.

When you abandon virtue, vice takes its place.

White flight is conditional surrender.

Chinese money is an oxymoron.

The war for the West is a war of gaslighting. To win without a shot being fired, convince your enemy to shoot is to lose.

Invaders invade borders, cities and families.

Politics is the cult of gibs and fibs.

The porn industry has been advertising white women to rapists all over the world for decades, why wouldn’t they want to come here? Without the wife.

Exports must be surplus to national requirement. Food never qualifies.

Before immigration, companies paid you to train you.

When uni was worth going to, it was run by conservative white men.

We tax work before we tax gambling. [income, capital ‘gains’]

Capital gain is a classist shame. The middle man is the piggy getting most of the trough.

Nations are destroyed by revoking noblesse oblige, replaced by “poor foreigner”.

The men who allow barbarians will not be allowed to live by them.

Free trade makes corruption easy.

Equality is a fallacy of biology.

It’s easier to betray your country than a company.

This whole time China has been trading plastic crap for an Empire.

God lets you fail because He knows you hate him.

Your predictable failure is proof of justice in the world.

The punishment for every sin is living the rest of your life with it.

Jews are white as their foreskin.

It is difficult to witness from the outside, the difference between the depressed and boring.

Adults who base their life around fun are probably fucking you over.

A person without a purpose is called an activist.

If your plans keep failing, maybe it’s you.

If your kids are little shitheads, know personality is inherited.

Feeding the world makes more mouths to feed.

Do-gooders never want to be held accountable for the evils of their actions. What if you were unintentionally the next Hitler? Making it worse is a distinct possibility.

I encourage every leftist to work more because they’ll boost GDP and pay more in taxes, end up boss to an AA hire who never learns and be child-less when they eventually get fired.

You are enslaved to the banks and their monopoly money. Inflation is a moving goalpost. Arbeit macht frei is their proposition.

I support abortion because people who hate their children shouldn’t breed anyway.

Gang crime is a eugenic force for change. Every stabbing, that’s one less Labour voter.

The name of the Labour party is supposed to be ironic. It’s the law of attraction.

Internships are a great way of weeding out the suckers.

The purpose of mixing kids is to make them never notice who they’d be without it.

White parents of non-white kids will be most shocked when they’re pushed into the gas chambers by their own spawn.

The people who think making groin fruit is the only way to influence the future are correct in their own cases.

God never said you shouldn’t suffer. That’s Satan.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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