Joker mocks the left

My god, someone gets it.

Only time I’ve known Black Pilled to drop the ball, actually, he wound up ranting about trannies.


Thanos: Snaps finger and kills half of the universe.

Leftists: This is okay


Joker: Kills a few people who abused him

Leftists: This is not okay

They were ALWAYS making propaganda, but now it’s obvious to them. The Jew producer is turning back on the vibrant googles who dared criticize him.

And the anti-fa diversity brigade of useless eaters is literally led by a mentally ill madman who just wanted a good father.

That’s why you don’t see one black dad in the whole film. Devastating omission, as far as “I just find it funny”.

It asks, what is American culture and what is this ghetto culture doing here? Centuries to integrate, integration is a myth. NO magic dirt. Calhoun’s urban mouse-topia.

Clown make-up = white minstrel.

“sneak a real film in”, eh?

Sign: we are all clowns.

I mean you assholes literally got a sign with the message and you’re talking about the token love interest he scraped from the bottom of the barrel so she’d never reject him.

It’s realistic because most black women are disgusted by white men and they have every damn right to be. The guys actually butthurt a fictional woman doesn’t want a fictional man unlike every other film with that model deserve to be triggered. He isn’t rescuing Princess Peach and the creepy unhinged loser doesn’t get the girl in the end, in real life. Be nice to the black girl and cuck all you want, she won’t sleep with you.

It’s still a comedy, mocking “we live in a society” by holding up a mirror, held by a white man degrading himself in whiteface.

The Guardian already did that.

This is the Society of your making, Cultural Marxists. You CHOSE this.

You wanted the manchild then complain where all the adult men are.

But the black and white minstrel thing was actually done up until recently. 2004.

And it was also funny.

The comedian TV host is obviously a Jew, come on. What happens to him?

He mocks a white guy, kicks the puppy one too many times and gets shot. How are you not getting this?

Black Pilled needs to watch some old white minstrel stuff (especially 30s) and all the mincing he sees as “tranny” would make sense.

They also loved to make a big display of dancing up and down some huge bloody staircase.

I just don’t think Americans get comedy anymore.

Laughing isn’t illegal.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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