10 reasons food prices have gone up

1. currency devaluation, thank the fed printing press

(or boe or other central bank tied twats)

2. global demand especially from india and china, over 25% of the global population right there

(“global protein shortage” and unprecedented number of low IQ useless eaters)

aging population isn’t dying off due to medical advances, keeping demand up locally too

3. poor crop yield due to frost and flooding from the grand solar minimum that NASA just said we entered

4. shrinkflation as companies try to boost profits while also reducing mass per unit, and avoiding socialist tax based on fat content per unit when the issue is sweetener, empty carbs and other crap

5. CA fruit/veg not being sent for canning recently and salt building up in their monocrop abused soil reducing yields

(poor stewards of the earth)

6. organic demand due to pesticide stories

(fair but no, organic still uses them)

7. grain fed is worthless but highly priced, nutritionally it’s grass fed or nothing


8. no prep, small portions

(you likely need more than one mini bachelor portion, made mini to “combat obesity”)

9. exotic food and overseas crop failure

(you do not need dragonfruit, avocados are crap)

10. alcohol companies see reduced demand because it’s non-essential so push up prices for middle-class winos

(the champagne socialist tax)

10b. import fees from the EU, because big brother loves you.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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