Sexual coercion still illegal

If a woman doesn’t wanna touch your balls, no still means no.

They’re so clearly just sex predators waiting for plausible deniability.

Why not get a man to wax you? So entitled.

Due to inexperience or religion, the women denied her requests, to which she declared it was discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

Yeah, it’s also about religion.

it is not a violation for a service provider to not wax a type of genitals they are not trained for, or haven’t consented to wax; a pleasant turn of events for vulnerable women who should never be forced to touch male genitalia. 

Consider that as precedent, if the creep got his way.

Jonathan (his real name), is a con artist who is using gender identity to engage in perverted fantasies.

um, as opposed to?

it’s autogynephilia

and there are psychopathic rapists who just want access to women, like the prison guy

two places women undress – gym and bathroom plus the place they sleep – shelters/prison

More so as men are now using transgenderism as an excuse to invade women’s private spaces.

Men who feel sexually entitled also extend that to other human beings? Huh.

Last year, nine homeless women kicked off a lawsuit against a women’s shelter after they were FORCED to shower with a trans-woman. The shelter requires everyone to shower in groups,

affront to human dignity, this isn’t Nazi Germany

legal right to religious modesty

r-types are funny about open changing rooms and showers, they hate cubicles because they are predatory and like to revoke the right to privacy including the natural modesty of Ks

and the person who self-identified as trans began making sexual remarks and even stared at the others as they bathed. 

Creep is creepy, no shit.

This is why we had asylums.

A lot of rapists used to go to asylums and it was noted they enjoyed dressing up as women.

Even those locked behind bars are not safe, as a trans inmate was given a life sentence after sexually assaulting women in prison. That this man was even in a women’s prison is a horrid oversight by those in charge, as he had previous convictions related to sex crime.


The rich want tax cattle and your children raped*, oppose this bullshit.

*(If your kids have trauma, theirs have a competitive edge in the world. AKA The Left’s MO)

I do not know what the solution is, more so as I myself am trans.


that explains the “don’t panic” tone of “not all” despite prison studies saying ‘basically characteristic’

But something does need to change. Because today it may be “wax my balls,” but tomorrow it could be a parent-free topless pool party for kids.

Oh wait, Yaniv already tried that too.

Let women carry pepper spray and knives FFS.


He doesnt want surgery. he wants to get at little girls.

comment about the DARVO typical of sexual psychopaths

She calls “himself” a protected group, but ignores the fact that religious liberties are themselves protected. Human garbage. Outright liar, then proceeds to try to not only force other people to lie along with you, but grab your private parts while they do it. That is the epitome of abuse, “he” and others like “him” should be arrested for sexual assault!

It’s the control. Foot in the door with “let me wear a dress” then “let me use the toilet” then “let me near your kids and you’d better call me Ma’am”. The threats come in with psychopaths, mask slip upon showing boundaries and saying NO. Read Hare’s work.

The sexual entitlement of the sadist knows no bounds. They enjoy the FORCING, that’s why finding someone into it never seems possible. They enjoy the humiliation aspect.

Previously it was just tricking people.

comments, refreshingly uncensored

What a thoroughly revolting specimen of a human being this person is.

I always knew guillotines would be back in fashion.

Could solve that problem with a “cigar cutter” (and cheaper)

Is Yaniv a )ew? The root of all evil…

Amazing. Yaniv is a Jewish name. Every. Single. Time.

What people really think of them.

The question is: what is wrong with men?

There’s a ton of ((((pornographic))) brainwashing, that’s for sure. All this entitlement is weird and dehumanising. Even male friends are now believing harassment stories because gay guys are openly doing the same to them (since you can’t arrest them).

Any time a genetic male feels like a woman has to see his junk, touch his junk or be naked in the same vacinity as him i.e changing room , bathrooms ..its sexual harassment . Also, bathrooms have always been a woman safe space as well as changing rooms. The place she goes to when she is being followed by a creeper, or has been assaulted , or is getting harassed. We open that up to the opposite sex…where do women go to feels safe in public places?

True. They’re a safe harbour.

Well safe spaces do exist the Left just co-opted the term to endanger women.

Schools are safe spaces for kids, obviously. Mixed sex schools should be banned for that reason alone. The left was eager to make more of them in the 60-70s pedo era to reduce the safety of that space. The conservatives don’t care.

Mixed schools also have worse grades, so an automatic advantage to those spared.

Normalising paraphilias typical of predators as ‘fun kink’ is really SJW victim blaming. If it’s fun for one party and degrading to the other, it’s a human rights crime.

Call the freaks what they are. Manginas.

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