One response to “Spiritual warfare

  1. I like it. It’s right where I am today, dragged out, suffering crud. A few years ago, I was going thru a much worse, very nasty situation where everything hit the wall. Bad luck? Even the Irish couldn’t find a song to match it. Then in the back of my head something tells me i can send it back to the one who cursed me. OK, at that point I was willing to try anything. I did, and maybe ten days later, my stepdaughter calls to say her mother, a Nazi who hates Christianity and Jews, and me for defending them 🙂 had a serious heart problem, wound up getting 3 by-passes. What brought her hate about? I prayed the stepson would some day be completely free of her Penna toxic mom syndrome. The kid’s in jail, and lost contact with her, who insisted he care for her. No one, not Native Americans (I am by birth and by choice) or his lawyer um, can ‘find’ her. The plot thickens: A month ago, two men who had been enemies all my life (seriously, since I was born) recently wound up in the hospital. Heart problems, and then infections. One has MRSA, ouch. And, mind you, this is while praying for them. If they’re just bad to me, for some reason God likes to give them close encounters with skunks 🙂 Never pray against anyone. God is a loving Father who will crush those who do you evil, just like a good daddy should. Feeling great thanks to your post! walk in His beauty, it’s the American way

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