The werewolf cage

I’ve heard of those.

Lead in the metal would seal it. Werewolves hate silver the metal but also lead, metal colour.

Some tombs had locks on the inside, could’ve been vampires or more likely occult rituals involving blood (the Freemasons fixate on keys).

Mediums would also chain themselves at particular lengths to avoid hurting anyone while possessed.

Obviously most possessed people do not do this, but a medium can force them out as well.

Happy Halloween.

One response to “The werewolf cage

  1. why is every-buddy hitting on werewolves? Geez, dude, vampires crap in their pants. They’re dead. They stink like the grave. They’re cowards who want only the helpless, they’re greedy and steal from the poor, they prefer children and the unborn as prey (see: Planed Parenthood). While werewolves can be deadly, most of the month they’re normal, law-abiding citizens who care for their families and try to mantain nice homes for their families. When possessed, they tend to look for warriors, not infants. Both are also very against smoking tobacco, but meth is OK.

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