Sign of the times

When we asked for a sign that white genocide was real….

I told you: they hate you.

But surely if the country is overpopulated, we can just deport those who belong elsewhere?

The billboards should be asking people to self-deport. Someone fund that!

Whites are already a minority.

White people are literally a minority, get over it SJWs:

But hey, at least they’ll be around to spit on our graves!

Amazing how Sargon pulls his head out of his arse long enough to look at the data when it’s milquetoast.

Sargon is 99% pretending to be confused by overtly anti-white shit. They could be lining him up against a brick wall for the diversity firing squad and he’d be doing his “perplexed but liberal” impression.

Meanwhile, called it that the SJWs were behind MGTOW vasectomies (and not marrying, same as they told women they couldn’t trust men).

old posts:

reproduce in the healthiest way with a high degree of purity maintained and low mutation rate, actually

SJWs knowingly convince men to get sterilized to kill future patriarchs. Seriously. Think about it – legal murder, like a male abortion. Nazi tactic, even. Certainly anti-Christian and pro-Moloch.

nb Alpha is a breeding pair. A male and female of a species breeding monogamously.

It’s just another way to make white guys commit suicide.

I bet they expect to inherit from their parents too…. to what purpose? The bargain is you get money to raise their grandkids. It isn’t booze cruise money. Give it to the siblings who have healthy kids.

Those low IQ enough to do this should…. except most of them moved to Asia, a zero sum increase on Asian overpopulation versus us. We need a few Hiroshimas, that’d fix overpopulation. Asians are more r-select than Africans, that’s saying something.

If whites die, everyone else does. It isn’t just agricultural advance and medicine.

Jews have tried to replace us intellectually but can’t… although gene engineering might allow them to take on some of our traits. Most gene companies are Jewish.


Pathological altruism must be stopped.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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