Link: The last days of LA

I can dream, can’t I?

“In these troubled times the tortured mind of man is hanging in the balance, because he has forgotten his great enemy,” Elinda shouts. There’s a wildness in her eyes and a sensuousness in the way she moves her body that makes you move forward until you’re sitting on the edge of your seat. Any stripper, you muse, would give her G-string to be able to imitate this woman’s uninhibited way with her hips.

“Why are our asylums filled with millions of the mentally sick? And why are there tens of millions of the physically sick among us? WHY?” she demands at the top of her lungs. “Because the doctors and the psychologists absolutely fail to recognize or blindly refuse to recognize the demoniac origin of these illnesses. They have failed, my dear friends, because they are bound to the unreality of conventional science. They have failed because they did not look into their souls to see what God has written there for all to read.”

One response to “Link: The last days of LA

  1. Go to any tent city in Kali-fornia and you feel like hell is another inch away. The Black Hole of Calcutta couldn’t have been that bad. this is where liberal politicians want all of us, under their heel. When the next pandemic strikes, and we’re years overdue, when it hits places like that, expect people to run. the police are helpless to stop them. We know the terrorists are liars. they would have struck their useful idiots in Kali, not NYC, DC, or a pasture in Penna. Kali, land of fruits and nuts.

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