Rage Sargon is best Sargon

Nerd rage, I know it well.

“It’s the DATAAAAAA!”

All the socialist promises are doomed to fail though, they always knew. They wanted to make off and die rich. They did. NHS, pensions, welfare. They made bank as admin and we’re suffering for it. Make their descendants pay it back. Make Tony Blair’s rich asshole kids pay their ill-gotten gains from those immigration policies back. Make them fear.

He links in the description to be fair.

I’ve linked about NHS nurses from low IQ nations before and how they all expect pensions while performing multiple abortions on the same (disproportionately black, if we’re honest) women.

You want dysgenics, eventually that hits the economy. Even the Nazis didn’t have “Death Pathways” and community panels (literally, random members of the public) deciding who gets funding, who lives or dies (there are NHS documentaries on TV about this).

If you hear a nurse bitching about her pension options, ask how many abortions they performed.

The jimmies rustled will warm your heart.

Celebrities compound this noise.

Force all the celebrities to admit if they’re private before commenting on the NHS. Better, release a list.

Maybe rosewater-douching Watson will shut up for five minutes.

At A&E you also have assistance for idiots. If the alcoholic wants to drink themselves to death, it should be considered suicide by the fifth time. Let the wannabe gangsters get gangster treatment in a warehouse somewhere. Bill the sluts who come in for antibiotics five times a month.

Low IQ foreigners also tend to get themselves in deadly situations more often. You tried climbing a fence with anti-climb paint? You smashed a car window and you’re bleeding? A burglary went wrong and they stabbed you? Let them go!

Bill the fifteen relatives they bring per person, too. You’ll have to. Asian doctors should also be checked by outcome and prescription. They tend to give relatives or fellow Asians completely random tests… because they want them, just in case. Meanwhile, cancer patients are treated like a bother if they’re out-group and have poorer survival rates, including overt medical jihad where they gaslighted white people (probable Christians). I’ve seen both cases of over-extension and isolation. It’s war. It’s medical terrorism.

I spoke to one woman* who had to beg for an MRI… for a brain tumour.

Seriously. She was all alone and clearly wanted someone to talk to. Wouldn’t you be anxious? Random people talk to me about their problems, I give off that vibe.

Ahmed’s cousin was given one for a stomach ache. Literally. I overheard this.

Do an outcome study by doctor demographic, you’ll be mortified.

NHS, the new joke goes, stands for non-white health service.

They’ll help as long as you’re darker than their coffee.

This’ll likely end with a manmade pandemic. They’ve been testing us. Food, water, air.

That Russian was done right close to a government facility that develops germ warfare. Total coincidence.

*Haven’t seen her since, by the way, guess she’s dead?

And people wonder why I’m cynical.

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