Disney is doomed

I was just told this exists. I had no idea this happened. I thought it was a 4chan thing.

Bad animal CGI films need to stop. They needed to stop about 15 years ago.

They’re trying so hard to pretend anyone wants to watch that Tessa woman.

All she does is smirk and be ugly in a variety of outfits (Westworld). And make some tasteless bi joke. Even as a voice, she is grating.

She already ruined Thor. She’s just so dull.


I don’t rly like the way they made Lady sound so pompous when she shouldn’t be

That’s just Tessa.

And changing the main couple…. who would pay for this?

Even Midwestern parents are now smart enough to boycott demon mouse and the Satanic head honchos.

Disney is gonna bomb so hard. They dare not even release this to cinemas.

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