Domestic terrorism

Intimidation, segregation,, menacing, assault and battery of a man going about his day, as is his right.

If it looks how a Hollywood beefy Nazi would treat a cliche weak Jew in a film, how can you possibly kid yourself that you’re the good guys?

The Left – tolerant, until they’re not. Then you made them angry. You made them hit you. You deserved it.

It’s battered wife rhetoric in politics now.

The security guard then forcefully pushed the campaigner against the store window and to the ground.

Technically, isn’t holding someone to the ground without a reason kidnapping?

He isn’t police. He’s in a famously lower IQ profession. Nothing will come of it.

This is just a rare time we have video.

And you wonder why celebrities are too scared to come out in favour of this stuff.

Their house would be burned down. Acid attacks on their spouse. Kids would get rape threats.

John Cleese had to move to another country and he’s a coffin dodger at this point.

Note the blatant don’t believe your lying eyes, lies:

A spokeswoman for Morrisons told “Customers in our store complained about the man in the video because he was forcing leaflets onto them.

Which customers? Names. Imaginary complaints, typical SJW.

Big Brother is protecting you from the scary leaflets. You can’t blame a customer, for harassing and attacking a customer. What do you imagine he’d have done to a woman?

“Electioneering doesn’t take place in our stores. He was asked to leave the store but wouldn’t.

He was never IN the shop to begin with, we can see.

If right-wingers or even neutral centrists at this point denied them service, we’d never hear the end of it.

They want segregation of services, well, right-wingers are far more useful.

The civil war is at simmering point.

I hope someone does deny them, so far it’s been passive so the thickos rarely notice. You just pass them onto the newest, dumbest, most obnoxious person. This is especially funny in finance, because they won’t see the fruit of that high-risk strategy for years. The Guardian comments bragging about their investment portfolio in “emerging markets” are my personal favourite, their national IQs (and so GDPs) won’t magically rise. Lily Allen is still complaining a taxi driver kicked her out once.

Cowards will lose interest in politics if they feel they’re outnumbered.

The numbers of 2016 won’t sway them. It’s feeling.

One response to “Domestic terrorism

  1. Hey, chico! Welcome to the club. White conservatives are now officially redskins! Why do you think none of who are traditional ‘skins, and that’s most of us, never vote for a friggin liberal? We keep notes. Why haven’t you? We have 500 years of history of liberals out to murder, steal and destroy us. Unless you whites finally take a stand–right alongside us and conservative blacks–the only option left is the Hunger Games. Every time I get near a lib, the scars itch from beatings I got from the ‘party of love’. Remember, you have no one but yourself to blame–we’ve been fighting against the neolibs for centuries. niio, walk in God’s beauty and do as He advised: Stay armed against the liberals.

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