Social media business bro bubble plague bingo

If they explain any piece of the con, they can’t recruit you. It’s a Ponzi, really.

e.g. BTL – real estate always goes up, what’s a depreciating asset?

Only the Boomers at the top might escape in time with a cushy retirement.

The business bros think their low IQ blogging

will save them from having to get a real job involving sweat and other icky stuff like time cards they shouldn’t need to sully their dainty hands with. Because they’re speshul.

“Passive income” is a particular red flag to any student of London history, non-whites (YKW) bleeding the working class since forever, especially via ever-rising rents. Serve yourself up a piece of the anti-white serfdom as your thirty pieces of silver and never question HOW exactly you “make” money while sleeping. Bleeding your fellow white man, how noble! Whether it’s ultimately a Third World slave in a sweatshop or enslaving patriots impoverished in your own nation, the result remains the same. With the bizness bros in buy to let debt, at least they have a shinier credit card to show off in this social media bubble. Because a shiny credit card means you’re rich, right? Debt = money? In this economy.


When they lose their “money” whether it’s stocks or property, they’ll blame the banks/women/their parents like a true adult man. If you can blame your parents well past the age of voting, as Kipling once said. Get Rich Quick has always existed, this is the cancerous social media mutation.

A fool and his money, have fun watching the low IQ and arrogant fall, hard.

Erm, they don’t think this careerism is actually attractive to women, do they?

No, just the money is. And that’s just the gold diggers. Nobody wants to place second to a job.

Related: those losers, with no irony.

It’s just a political emo, why can’t you see that?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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