The moral choice: do not submit

I didn’t vote.
For those of you who’d ask.

After careful consideration. It hurts.

Here’s a list of reasons:

1. vote here doesn’t count. Highly salient detail.
2. high risk of rigging anyway, I do not want to treat it as a legitimate second Brexit.
3. Universities have been asking for students’ polling cards without them knowing and filling them out. Even if the student wanted the card legally they need to have done it themselves. The fraud will be insane. Multi-votes too.
4. I said they wouldn’t let us leave in 2016 anyway and Boris’ deal is a treaty of surrender. Legally, I’m not voting for my own enslavement. Votes can be traced, they have serial numbers. It could be a matter of war. I am not a traitor. Emotional appeals will not sway me.
5. I don’t want to vote for an old manwhore. He repulses. A lot of women (and some family men) are refusing to vote on a character basis, the parties need to be disgraced to run a non-social conservative. I don’t want to boost his national numbers, neither. Both big Two are completely redundant and full of paedophiles, I cannot vote for them in conscience. I’d vote for their public lynching in a heartbeat. I know things you are not privy to, I know how deep the rot. They’re not getting my consent to abuse children and hate my countrymen for their race. I am moving Overton, they rely on our tacit acceptance of this system; every election it’s the same fictitious urgency. I won’t be passively supportive to paedos. Quick, this demon’s wearing a rosette, better vote for Satan!
6. I don’t like being ignored because of something as trivial as where I live (okay, both places I live) or expected to vote for the “lesser evil”, that’s dumb. It’s still evil. While Christianity is still barely legal, I withdraw my consent to that. The civnats are traitors too. You can try to fight me but your conscience agrees. The time for bourgeoisie voting seems probably or almost over. I was a new voter who never voted Left, my power level won’t permit me. Every year it gets stronger. Spoiling my ballot like a libtard would be tantamount to treating it like a valid second referendum anyway. It’s about participation in the sham or patriotic refusal. Now is the time for difficult decisions, I want to spite them. You hate white people? You hate (good) women/men? You hate Christians? I have three reasons not to vote for you. It’s about time women stopped cucking and all my lady friends agree, since see point ONE. We’re not mindless little sheep who feel a desperate urge to vote for someone, anyone! Social conservatives are not damsels, be it male or female. There’s a new unspoken rule: if they are anti-white, we won’t vote for them. Lady and gentleman friends all agree and we’re mostly a young bunch. We’re voting like Jews or not at all. You can adopt their methods for the same result, it is possible. They originally stole our methods regardless. If the traitors will allow a foreign vote to rule over us, that particular vote is illegitimate anyway.
7. I don’t like being told what to do. Especially by politicians and celebrities. Who do you think you fucking are? They don’t get how important this was, before we were blocked from voting by bureaucracy. Incompetent twats. Let God sort it out. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. Voting isn’t even the best way of doing things, it encourages cuckery. Look at the Soros approach.

Most importantly, and we all plotting this, felt this way:

8. I don’t like being manipulated into voting for someone I don’t want to vote for. I would literally rather stay at home. It isn’t worth the casual stroll. I’d have been down there like a shot if a candidate I wanted had bothered to run. I am forced to suppose they don’t want my vote.

SHTF if I don’t? Don’t threaten me with a good time, mate.

Conservatives are not like the degenerates, we are not soft-pawed urbanites scared of a little suffering.

I’d die for this country, I won’t agree to an EU surrender bill. My first vote still counts.

If we must suffer personally to purge the country, so be it. Sitting on our arse is comparatively, a light sacrifice. I suspect the hysterical histrionics come from fake Ks (likely controlled ops) because real Anglos, born and bred, are tough as nails beneath the tea and sympathy facade. I know I’ll be fine if the entirety of London gets set on fire. I can warm my toes to it. People new to the right to be ‘on the winning side’ (future traitors) do not have faith, they feel no conviction. Noobs STFU. You don’t get to order us around. This isn’t a sodding hippy commune, we are not equal. We have hierarchy and it’s based on how long you’ve been here, and secondly, what you did for the group. You are the runt and we can and shall kick you until you prove yourself. It builds character. I find it funny when Sargon-type lefties try to boss me around because they merely claim to be right-wing men, personally.

Okay, you exist? I should give a shit? Why?

It’s like a toddler throwing a tantrum. They haven’t the foggiest how social conservatives actually think, which, as studies have shown, means they cannot be one of us. Abuse dynamics belong on the left, we like rock-solid, loyal, Christian family here. We love countrymen and kin. I have nothing in common with some woman off the banana boat, that would be a direct betrayal. They are here to invade and replace us. Sisterhood or Brotherhood is globalist horse-shit. We are not a hive mind (either sex*) and cultural differences exist. Here, we like our men, we like our women, as long as each are actually ours. Trying to pick us off for the SJW Gender War** and set trad men against trad women or vice versa to feel like a big-brained wigger who’s an edgy Elliot for hating white women*** just shows you up for what you are. A Jew, and you’re not jewing us. Muh Dick tokens belong in the other camp. We don’t care what you’ve got downstairs.

We also believe in IQ. We can see your actual IQ in the ways you speak to us and the things you expect will work to persuade us to your cuckery. Lefties have zero charisma and it should be a meme. “My fellow Right…”

We see right through the attempted subversion, fragmentation, like a pane of glass.

We read your books.

Tactics are short-term and useless. We’re in the terrain of wargames.

I know a lot of people (a LOT) who have done exactly the same thing and it’s the first time we’d done it.
Spiritually, it feels right. We can sense this in the air.

You can hate me but I’m spitting bullets already. As an ordinarily pacifist temperament, the longer I think about this, the more I rage. Some people I know are practically foaming at the mouth.

As far as I’m concerned, I wasn’t allowed to vote. Pacts should be illegal. It revokes my sovereign right to vote for whichever party I want.

Americans call us cucks but the referendum proved something nobody has pointed out three years hence:

they never let the parties the People want actually form or, QED, block us from voting for them.

Chocolate teapot politicians. 

Ideally, Brexit wins old Labour seats and Labour sweeps old Tory.

That would make me so happy.

Imagine the chaos. They’d have no PR strategy. Hate us more or less and they’d still lose.

Another election would be called shortly and I might be able to actually vote.

Sisterhood and Brotherhood are globalist horse-shit. I have nothing in common with most women on the planet. That’s okay. We are not a hive mind. We can be individuals. To say anything less of either sex would be sexist, your culture cannot be reduced to your genitalia. Are Pakistanis like English men? Are Chinese women like Spanish women? I’m not going to vote for them all to come here because vag. Think how idiotic Brotherhood is too. Men inviting their conquerors, that ends well? People who want to genocide the white man long before any slobbered-over oppression of women. You wouldn’t be alive to see it. Read history.


Their original plan was to recruit white women. This failed. Women want family.

New current plan is to make white men hate women (like non-whites already do) by false-flagging the actions of white-looking SJWs to all white women. (clue: Why is it white women, they slag off specifically? Why not ALL? That isn’t even misogyny, it’s just most white people are women.) Men withdraw from women, women fail or can no longer support the men then men fail. Satanic rebellion. SJWs are larping as MGTOW and MRA now, to bring down the white family and you’re letting them. Statistically, white women are least likely to be ‘whores’ so who is typing it? Who hates conservative women the most? Who is gleeful and victim blaming when white women are raped? Why has the SJW gone quiet? Why is a peculiar brand of anti-white only MGTOW getting mainstream media coverage? Why is this only aimed at white men? Since when was anything aimed at white men to make their life better?

Test: Why are white female pedo teachers only getting tons of news coverage all of a sudden? Is this probable?

Look at all these evil white women, btw, swear off women like the ones we hand-picked for being obnoxiously lefty, shitty people and get a vasectomy! Fish bicycle!

Women are immune to the anti-natal rhetoric but it’s new to men and may wipe them out. They have no experience with the brainwashing being levied at them. Kill patriarchy by making the men choose to never breed and become Patriarchy. Uniquely evil.

Only requires one fertile generation wiped out to succeed. If their “fellow man” has no kids, that also means no daughters. So no, idiots, you can’t skip generations either when you see your error later. It’s a bandwagon fallacy, anti-natal is death. Cads rely on dads. Socialism: worse than nuclear strike. Like the later Romans who disgusted visiting scribes with how they doted over their dogs instead of having children, men waste their paternal energy when broody. The left captured this market with vidya. Contrary to what lefty women think, we know if a single man has a dog, he doesn’t want a family. The dog is a wife/kids pacifier. 

You cannot trust a dog near a baby.

It’s like the slutty guys trying to find a superior wife… on Tinder. Your rage is your own fault. You constructed these conditions.


The Spartans forbade their bachelors from owning a dog (a historian told me) and wouldn’t let them marry/move in until thirty. …Why?
Can’t find reference on the former, evidence of absence… Even a frou frou Athenian keeping a dog would never be as degenerate and soft as to let it in their house at night, let alone their bed! Spartans didn’t even have a bed until thirty!

Note: a hunter dog kept hardened (and useful, guard post) outside and owned by someone else i.e. a houndsman, does not count as personally ‘owning a dog’ by the modern standard. The skill to direct one is not the same thing.

I heard a big if true theory that gay germ seems to coincidentally appear when dogs are allowed into the home with babies and other infants. 20th century suddenly gets a hard-on for indoor dogs and gay numbers soar. Could be like the cat thing. In conservative families with a gay son, he pretty much always grew up with a dog in the house. The dog was not present when the older, straight sons were growing up. It’s uncanny. Dog contaminates bedding, infant suckles bedding. 19th century uppers kept dogs indoors sometimes, the women did, imitating Marie in the 18th, and their youngest sons exposed to them (extra baby replacements, once heir and spare were done) also got limp wrists. Why did my friend look into this correlation? What do gay guy “parents” do? The first thing? Buy a dog. Why is a major instinct to buy a disease vector before breeding?


Supreme Anti-White.

Stop discussing “immigration” as net, it’s a fallacious figure.
Boots on the ground matters. Total kills the NHS. Total ruins the infrastructure. Total devastates your odds at the polls.
And since the Tories want to replace their core voter base, we can replace them first.

Move to Israel, see if we care.

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