UnPC comedy 2

Let’s see how much I can signal boost this one.

7,600 views as of now. Needs to be longer. Like the rope The Guardian is using to hang itself.

The more you know about ye olde public hangings, the funnier that joke gets.

Greta is literally weaponised autism. ...It isn’t very effective.

This is also worth a try.

There needs to be an UnPC ezine of some description recommending this stuff.

The Guardian is the jobcentre of obnoxious twats because your parents were so ashamed they cut you out of the trust fund. If you’re too dumb for academia and too bland for acting and too serious for politics, you’ll fit right in.

If they want a million views, half an hour on why Islam is toxic masculinity and toxic masculinity secretly means Islam, because it does. Everything they slag off – harassment, lechery, rape, oppression of wives (equal yoking), all of it. It literally is a pop. They want all men to act more white Christian and less Anything Else. It’s psyops to bring back white supremacy culture a la British Empire (which was multicultural) but without men in charge (coughs Victoria was a slag and sold out our identity like a cheap whore*). Now THAT would get da views.

*Now every arsehole calls themselves British because they drink tea.

No. That’s Chinese. English people secretly hate tea, we’re just addicted.

British died with the Empire, why are we still using this word? Nobody means Welsh do they? They all want to be English. It’s actually a race, no. This isn’t like Doctor Who psychic paper. “Hello, yes, this is my white privilege, as you can see here it says British, cuckold of the Greater European Empire of Supreme Woke Values. Praise be Allah-Gaia.”

Surprised they haven’t run an “initiative” called “pegged against Patriarchy”.

One response to “UnPC comedy 2

  1. I like this time of year. I stopped shaving in August and will start again on 26 Dec. Now, when I see a brat in a store with harassed parents, I look at the kid, sigh, and pretend to write someone on a note pad. Then look at the kid again and shake my head. the kid usually gets very quiet, then the parents start to develop asthma-like symptoms and choking fits. If they don’t get it, I say, “I’m so sorry. Try to have a Merry Christmas, anyway.” Might even add a small ho-ho-ho and walk away. And, then the parents say, “See? I told you.” Considered dear ol’ Greta a gift from Santa, if not God. Every time she opens her mouth, it reminds people Hitler said the earth is man’s only god, that Hitler started the lunatic green (bowel) movement, calling it an integral part of Nazism, just as was human sacrifice and vegetarianism, anti-smoking, and so much more neolibs love. Peace to you.

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